Vimar has clinched the Gran Premio Elex award for innovation

Gran premio Elex

On the occasion of the #weconnect convention organised in Assago on Tuesday, 30th January by the Elex Italia consortium, Vimar was bestowed with the Gran Premio 2023 award within the “innovation” category.

The Elex consortium is one of the biggest groups in the electrical industry and currently groups together 12 wholesalers, making up 35% of the total value in this industry.

This acknowledgement highlights the keen interest shown by Vimar in innovation, technology and sustainability, devising solutions that embody impeccable quality Made in Italy. Indeed, every Vimar product showcases the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation: from the state-of-the-art technology of the connected and home automation system, which comprises solutions for the smart home, to the alluring design of the wiring series, and also the smart products for temperature control, safety and securityand comfort.

The launch of the brand’s latest new wiring series, Linea, was a resounding success. With no less than 24 patents, it consittutes excellence with unmistakable, clean-cut, linear styling, distinguished by absolute flatness and its home automation system soul, the XT platform, providing further confirmation of the perfect merger of technology with design. It should be noted that for Vimar, innovation also means sustainability; indeed, thanks to the optimised production processes, the efficient management of product volumes and the use of FSC certified packaging, the Linea series has recorded a reduction of more than 80% CO2 produced, saving approximately 500 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

The Gran Premio Elex once again acknowledges the innovation harnessed by Vimar, to make life more efficient, safer and smarter.

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