Vimar partners with IFTTT

The IFTTT Cloud service is now active for the platform of View connected products and systems.
The most important functions of the By-me Plus wired home automation system and of the connected Wiring Series on wireless technology can thus be integrated with an array of digital services for further simplification and automation of your home.

Do you want to activate scenarios automatically as you drive up to your connected home?
IFTTT is the right solution!

IFTTT Vimar Partner
Vimar IFTTT funzione light on/off

What does IFTTT mean? 

It is an acronym of the English words If This Then That (i.e. if this happens, then make that happen), used to define the free intercom service between digital devices, which can be configured via web or via App on smartphones and tablets, designed to create automatic logics and to make everyday life even smarter.

IFTTT works using “recipes” or rather “applets” which allow various “services” to communicate (i.e. products or services of IFTTT Partner companies such as Vimar). You can use existing recipes/applets or create new ones using the services available as you see fit. So you are the one who selects or creates the combination, where the services that determine the events of interest to you are available, or you can simply recycle an applet from the IFTTT library.

At the moment, with the View connected systems and products by Vimar, recipes/applets are already available, allowing you to control the lighting, brightness and colour of a lamp; they allow you to raise or lower a roller shutter; they activate certain scenarios; they adjust the set point or the climate control operating mode.

Function examples

Let’s take a concrete example of a Vimar recipe/applet that is already available: depending on the location of the phone (on which the IFTTT App is installed, naturally), I can find out whether I am entering or exiting an area (which can be defined by the user) and activate something:

  • if I am on my way out, I could recall an exit scenario, which lowers all the roller shutters, turns off the lights, lowers the temperature set point, switches of the sound system;
  • if I am coming in, I could recall an entry scenario (the opposite to the one in the previous point);
  • if I am approaching the home area, I could have the gate opened by a By-me Plus relay/actuator, to drive in.

Brand new recipes/applets can also be created. Thanks to the Weather Underground service (to be used as a condition in the IF THIS) you can have information about the weather forecast, so:

  • if it is raining, the roller shutters are lowered to avoid the windows getting wet, the sun shade is wound back,
  • if the current temperature is rising or dropping I can open a motorised window to ensure the desired temperature is maintained;
  • if the humidity level exceeds a certain value I can close or open a motorised window to ensure the desired humidity level is maintained;
  • if the wind exceeds a certain threshold, I can wind back the sun shade in the garden.

Connect your Vimar View to the Button widget, to the position and much more.

Vimar IFTTT funzione entrata in casa

There are so many applications: you can set IFTTT to ensure the cleaning robot automatically starts up every time you leave your home, connecting the management of a connected socket outlet to a geolocation App; you can connect your e-mail server with an App connected to the security cameras, to receive an e-mail every time motion is detected.

Thanks to the IFTTT service, your smart system can really prove its worth according to your habits and requirements, with the possibility of changing the settings whenever you want to, with the utmost ease.

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