Vimar takes impeccable quality made in Italy to Casa Decor in Madrid

Casa Decor Madrid Vimar

Casa Decor is held in a splendid historical building erected in 1929 in the centre of Madrid, the Edificio de Serrano 92. This event is one of a kind, bringing together all the excellences of international design until 28th May: from interior designers to companies, architects and artists; this venue offers outstanding visibility, with visitors flocking from all over the world, in a delightful setting, a hotpot of art, history and architecture.

In a unique and prestigious exhibition space, where the latest design trends come together with Spanish art and culture, Vimar makes its presence notable in the form of a distinctive outfit in one of the halls of the building, where the brand has installed the prestigious Eikon series, in the Tactil version, with glass surface and touch controls.

A product chosen for this prestigious installation specifically because its elegant and clean-cut style blends in while standing out in the buildings luxurious and distinguished space, becoming a genuine item of interior décor in a setting packed with personality. The black and white marble and gilded furniture provide the perfect backdrop to the refined Eikon Tactil with its bright and smooth glass surface: the combination of striking styling and technological innovation created is truly unique.

This is a truly significant opportunity for Vimar, which stands out at Casa Decor by once again taking impeccable quality Made in Italy to the rest of the world.

Casa Decor Madrid Vimar
Casa Decor Madrid Vimar
Casa Decor Eikon Vimar

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