Arké fit

Lightweight on any wall. Connected in any home.

Fit is the new Vimar cover plate, the slimmest in the Arké range: sophisticated, with unique finishes. Thanks to its slimline profile, just 4.9 millimetres thick, it is lightweight and imperceptible on any wall, providing the perfect flush-fit result. Its slim shape enhances the value of its surroundings, accommodating the style of any building, and with its 11 different finishes, it blends in seamlessly with any architectural context or interior design style.

Perfectly aligned

The rigidity of the dedicated mounting frame, which is reinforced with fibreglass, provides structural robustness to guarantee perfectly aligned devices at all times. The special structure also makes it possible to compensate for the thickness of the mounting box for plasterboard, guaranteeing the perfect fit of the cover plate with the wall.

Arké Fit Esploso Prospettiva installazione


Made of metal, Arké fit supplements the squared silhouettes of Arké Classic and the soft, sinuous shapes of Arké Round, and it can be teamed with buttons and controls in anthracite grey, white and Metal, the new shade featuring a warm metallic effect, to offer an eye-catching total look effect.

The traditional painted metal and faced metal finishes have been supplemented with three new colours for the cover plate: Lipari Sands, Dove Grey and Siena Soil. Pastel colours and soft hues, for simple and gentle combinations. A generous 11 different finishes in total, capable of accommodating the latest style trends.

Arké Fit Sabbia, Tortora Terra di Siena


With over 200 functions to choose from for the traditional system, Arké fit is also smart. An extensive range of digital solutions to control the building using your smartphone or vocal controls; such as those of the View Wireless devices (in Bluetooth, Zigbee and IFTTT technology) designed to turn a traditional wiring system into a connected one simply and without requiring any masonry work, and to control it using your smartphone and voice assistants.
Or the more comprehensive solutions of home automation systems, both on the proprietary By-me Plus standard as well as on KNX standard, designed to centralise the functions and offer maximum customisation and system management.

Arké Fit tecnologie

Products recommended for your home

Arké fit also offers easy solutions to live better. Such as the USB sockets with type C connector, the new technological standard used to power and charge latest-generation devices; they are ideal in hotel rooms and offices. When combined with the Quid magnetic relay, you can centralise the shutting off of lights and automate roller shutters in a traditional system, and also save your favourite position. To avoid using your hands, the infrared 1-way switch turns the lights on and off only when necessary, or as someone passes or at dusk; it is ideal for optimising your electricity consumption and avoid contact with the lighting device. Moreover, the Wi-Fi access point is designed to extend your Internet connection throughout your home, even to areas that are not reached by the Wi-Fi signal or where the signal is weaker, providing coverage to all rooms. For optimum climate control, you can opt for the touch timer-thermostat, with RGB backlighting for colour-coordinated controls.

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