Multimedia video touch screen 10in IP - 21553.2


Eikon EVO / Systems / Video door entry system - indoor device

Multimedia video touch screen 10in IP
10 in IP multimedia video touch screen, Due Fili inner units for video door entry system and supervisor for home automation system via web server, supply voltage PoE or 12-30 Vdc, with built-in mounting frame for V71318 and V71718 mounting boxes

Product Status
9 - Discontinued

Question: Can the Touch screens and Full Flat Video Touch screens only be installed with EikonEvo series plaques?
Answer: Yes, the compatibility between new products and plaques is limited to the EikonEvo series.
Question: I can’t control the By-Alarm system from the various By-me touch screens (art.21554, 21553.2, etc.) or from the Webserver.
Answer: To manage the By-alarm system from By-me devices (WebServer, Touch) you must have correctly configured the WebServer and must check, on keypad 01705, that the “PC – CONTROL UNIT” parameter is enabled, i.e. set to “YES”.

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