SCUDO transient voltage suppr250V Silver - 14418.SL


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SCUDO transient voltage suppr250V Silver
SCUDO, 250 V~ transient voltage suppressor with fuse protection and blow-out indicator, Silver

Product Status
3 - Active

Class group
Low-voltage industrial components
Surge protection module
Varistor (voltage-sensitive resistor)
Voltage type for actuating
Minimum order quantity: 20 NR


Barcode Qty 1 NR
1 NR
6x2.8x5.3 [cm]
40.8 [g]
Barcode Qty 20 NR
20 NR
28.1x13.1x6 [cm]
893.93 [g]
Question: What is the difference between the circuit breakers and the Vimar SCUDO surge protector?
Answer: The circuit breakers protect downstream circuits and loads from overcurrents and short-circuits. The SHIELD surge suppressor protects downstream equipment from voltage spikes on the network caused by the opening and closing of heavy loads, or by lightning.

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