Request By-me Plus integration

If you are a System Integrator and want to develop an integration with the By-me Plus home automation system, you can contact our technical support by clicking the “Request” button at the bottom of the page.

In detail, you can develop integration with the By-me Plus system in order to read states and issue commands from your own client (touch screen, app, software dashboard).

Communication is via the local network with home automation system gateways 01410 and 01411 only using the IP Connector protocol.

Communication with the home automation system gateway requires client authentication through a public and private key.

System Integrators who intend to take advantage of this opportunity will be provided with the public and private keys of a development user, which gives access to the gateway for use during development of their solutions.

The new client can use the development user and the private key associated with it during development. This user has been created to allow System Integrators to test the integration of their client with the standard mechanisms in the "THIRD-PARTY CLIENT MANAGEMENT" option of the View PRO app. The steps to associate the client with the home automation system gateway are described in the VIEW IoT Smart Systems platform manual.

When a System Integrator has finished development, Vimar will release a firmware update for all home automation system gateways containing the public key that adds the option of integration with the System Integrator’s client.

Only the features supported by home automation system gateways 01410–01411 are available (burglar alarm system and video intercom functions are therefore not available).

Access MyVIMAR with your company profile to request public and private keys.

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