Flush mounting vocal control

Your home is vocally controllable


Vimar’s flush mounting vocal control revolutionises the concept of home automation and smart homes, making the use of technology simple and accessible to everyone, from children to the elderly.

Developed using Amazon Alexa technology, the flush mounting device expands the traditional concept of touch controls, allowing the user to turn on lights, raise and lower roller shutters and draw curtains, control the climate, call up scenarios, listen to favourite music and control other devices compatible with Amazon Alexa, such as Vimar’s new smart portable multiple socket outlets simply using the most natural language in the world: our voice.

Vocal control integrated into the wiring system

The only one on the market to match the styling of the three main wiring series – Eikon, Arké and Plana (for Idea, with a 3-module adapter) – the vocal control is integrated into the digital infrastructure of the building, adapting to any style of interior design, and it is available in a generous 4 different colours: White, Anthracite Grey, Next and Metal. Its silhouettes and shapes are so elegant that the device has won the prestigious 2021 Iconic Award.

Featuring a Wi-Fi connection, this elegantly designed device with minimal protrusion is simply perfect both for the smart systems in the View Wireless range - thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 mesh technology - as well as for the wired home automation systems in the By-me Plus range. Indeed the new flush mounting vocal control is equipped with two programmable electronic miscroswitch push buttons with RGB back lighting and adjustable brightness for visible in darkness and a relay with zero crossing technology to control one light. The push buttons and relays can be used freely as resources to be configured in their respective systems. Last but not least, a rear wired input is designed to control the relay or call up a scenario using a traditional push button, which can also be installed in a different position/control device. The device is completed by 4 central buttons dedicated to the standard functions of the voice assistant (volume +/-, microphone and action). A guide ring with Amazon Alexa animation visually signals the receipt of the control.

Programming is user-friendly thanks to the View Pro and View Wireless Apps. And to make the building even smarter, the relay on board the device can be controlled via smartphone and tablet using the View App, Google Home and Apple HomeKit.

Comando vocale da incasso Arké Metal

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