Linea rewarded at the Archiproducts Design Awards


Linea by Vimar is proving to be an innovative product with a simple yet distinctive design in all its shapes; indeed, the home automation system soul of this series, the XT platform, has been rewarded at the Archiproducts Design Awards 2023, the international contest dedicated to design.

The international multidisciplinary jury assessed hundreds of candidate products, acknowledging Linea’s XT platform as the best solution owing to its superior quality, trailblazing innovation and perfect balance of functionality, technology and beauty.

The XT platform stands for “eXperience Technology”, an innovative high-tech experience for the automated home, distinguished by full-surface controls and a distinctive perfect flatness that makes Linea truly one of a kind. The extensive customisation possibilities are a key feature, offering multiple solutions, including user-friendly, self-explanatory icons, which can be selected from a wide library of static symbols, or a range of static or dynamic programmable LED matrix icons, which make each product unique and different to accommodate all customer requirements while enhancing the identity of the accommodation facility.

The scalability and expandability of the XT platform make it possible to boost and move the front functions extremely easily, without having to adjust any wiring, for instance turning a control of lights and roller shutters into temperature management or an air quality multisensor or scenario activation. The extreme flexibility in adding functions to the same control device is a significant advantage both in new installations as well as in renovations, thereby making it possible to create entirely customisable and modifiable compositions to suit the customer’s specific needs.

The XT controls, which are available in black, white and canvas, are fitted with a proximity sensor allowing the controls to be activated simply by approaching them and incorporating accurate and silent activation mechanisms with microswitches that offer impeccable feedback.
Once again, Vimar confirms its commitment to innovation, quality and design, emphasising the brand’s unwavering dedication to offering state-of-the-art technological solutions with its sights trained keenly on the future.


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