Neve Up. Designed for you.

The Neve series evolves into Neve Up.
Featuring the same mounting frames and mechanisms, but with renewed styling, to keep up with trends.

Switches And Plates Neve Up Vimar

New finishes

The introduction of new finishes - from glossy, to satin finish (matt white, dove grey, matt clay, matt black) and matt metals (silver, nickel, titanium and copper) – makes new combinations possible, to accommodate all needs. Even those of customers in search of perfect continuity between cover plate and devices, thanks to the introduction of total black, which supplements total white. In addition to traditional white, in fact the controls and socket outlets are now also available in the matt black version.

Design and functions

Neve Up has been redesigned to blend in seamlessly, whatever the context: a broad and versatile range of devices is available in the main international standards to offer universal solutions with the new cover plates which, thanks to the mounting frame itself, can replace the Neve cover plates.

For each one, the special mounting frame - fitted with special interlocking teeth - makes installation extremely simple, thanks to strong and reliable fixing that guarantees perfect alignment between devices, even in plasterboard walls, where the result is a mounting that offers an effect that is perfectly flush with the wall.
For uncompromising styling.

Neve Up Matt Copper Vimar

Neve Up is smart

1-way switches, cover plates and mounting frames give rise to a comprehensive system that provides multiple opportunities to create or update your ideal wiring system, in a versatile, modular and smart way. Neve Up is now in fact also smart. Simply replace the traditional 1-way switches in the existing system with Vimar’s new digital devices and then power them: 2-way switches, actuators for roller shutters and curtains, temperature control, actuators for socket outlets connected with Bluetooth® wireless technology and Zigbee®.

The View Wireless system is the ideal solution for renovations or to boost the functions of an existing system, and it is also a useful means of support for the elderly and people with restricted mobility.

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