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By-alarm Plus burglar alarm and Elvox CCTV video surveillance systems

Home security is an increasingly important aspect of everyone's lives, both when constructing new buildings and when carrying out renovations.

Vimar has designed a burglar alarm system with IMQ grade 3 certification (which guarantees and certifies that electrical products comply with the requirements of the CEI and EN standards): By-alarm Plus. The products in this range feature design and functionality, creating a modular system that is scalable and professional.


Antintrusione By-Alarm Plus

The system consists of the following elements:

  • control units for 25, 65 and 125 zones, surface mounting installation with plastic or metal box, or flush mounting installation with 24-module control unit adapter;
  • power supply units, burglar alarm system gateway, input/output expansion boards, radio boards, GSM boards, voice synthesis; 
  • wired, bus and radio sirens;
  • wall-mounting keyboard both with and without transponder, complete with display and backlit keys.


Elementi By Alarm Plus Vimar

Burglar alarm system kit

There are also five kits available to provide a base system with different options (25 zones with/without sensors and installation in the control unit, 65 zones with sensors, radio expansion kits), thereby offering the possibility and flexibility to create your own custom system.

Special attention has also been given to the aesthetics of the components: the outdoor siren is designed to be installed even in places exposed to weather and temperature changes and is only 50 mm deep. It also has features to ensure maximum security, with anti-opening, anti-removal and anti-foam protection.

The keyboard is simple, compact and functional with a user-friendly interface. Its lightweight design integrates seamlessly into any environment and with the whole Vimar wiring series.


Kit Antintrusione By-alarm Plus Vimar

By-alarm Plus radio frequency version

By-alarm Plus is a flexible system that can be expanded at any time, even in radio frequency via ultra-reliable protocols. It can be used to control a range of compatible devices. In this way it is possible to alarm other zones in the home without carrying out building work.

By-Alarm Plus Radiofrequenza Vimar

Elvox CCTV video surveillance system

The Elvox CCTV video surveillance system offers a range of high-resolution cameras (up to 8 Mpx) with increasingly high performance. Based on AHD and IP technologies, they provide all-round monitoring, even in critical areas. In particular, the new 5 MPx IP cameras also feature video check, preventive alert and deterrence functions, with flash and audio signals. 

The features of the new cameras enable high levels of performance and accuracy. The Elvox CCTV system includes solutions that can distinguish people from objects to independently generate accurate alerts and notifications, minimising false alarms and event search times.


Sistema Videosorveglianza Elvox TVCC

Management with the View app

The By-alarm Plus burglar alarm and Elvox CCTV video surveillance systems can be fully integrated with the By-me Plus home automation system. This integration via the View app gives the customer a single application for all home systems, from home automation to the video door entry system. In fact, the app can be used to arm and disarm the alarm, manage the activation status of zones and view live streaming from cameras, both locally and remotely. Comfort, security, communication and energy saving can therefore be managed with a single application. 


Integrazione App View By-Me Plus

Like all Vimar products, the system is covered by a 3-year warranty. With this product, the company has focussed not only on the issue of security, but also on ease of use, for both installers and end users, through a journey of continual research and improvement over time.

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