Type C USB socket outlets

To keep up with the evolution of market standards, Vimar is introducing a new type C flush mounting USB socket outlet, in 1-module version.

Starting in 2019, the leading manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and laptops began to adopt power supply units with this type of connector. Compared with the classic type A USB, in fact, type C guarantees considerably shorter transmission and charging times. These performance levels are so significant that type A USB is expected to be replaced definitively in the near future.

For this reason, Vimar has come up with this new socket outlet intended for widespread installation, since it can become part of a standard supply for wiring systems, especially in hotel facilities which are always on the look-out for technological solutions capable of offering their guests that extra level of comfort.

Another reason is that one of the main advantages of this solution is that the new USB-C socket outlet has perfectly matching styling with the design of the Vimar wiring series. Either the elegant and understated design of Eikon, or the contemporary appeal of Arké or the informal look of Plana. Whatever the style of the interiors, Vimar’s new USB-C socket outlet guarantees impeccable access to energy, also from a styling perspective.

Vimar placca Plana Reflex Menta tasto USB-A USB-C

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