Vimar finalist for the Best Packaging 2024 award


New and sustainable packaging

Designed to house home automation system controls, the hinged-lid box for Linea controls with XT platform boasts an innovative and sustainable design. The new packaging in fact aims to minimise the environmental impact, through the use of FSC certified coated cardboard made with recycled fibres. What’s more, the printing inks used are water-based – a safe and environmentally friendly solution that offers excellent colour and durability. 


The hinged-lid box follows the principle of balanced size to avoid excessive paper consumption, and its structure is compatible with automatic packaging, in order to improve processes while enhancing their sustainability. The innovative research conducted by Vimar when designing this packaging not only respects the principles of sustainability, but also customer-centricity: the packaging submitted to the competition is distinguished by an internal structure which contains and keeps the product in place, to avoid compromising its aesthetic surfaces while at the same time making it easier to take out.

Sustainability and respect for the environment are two key themes for Vimar, which for years has been committed to finding increasingly innovative solutions with a lower impact, from raw material choices to resource management, in the knowledge that the road to a sustainable future is paved with constant daily commitment.



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