Vimar’s Linea claims the double IF Design Award 2024


Vimar’s innovative Linea has won another two major accolades in the field of design, clinching the famous IF Design Award. Considered to be one of the most prestigious contests, the IF Design Award has since 1954 been the undisputed judge at the international level of quality, style and shape, rewarding candidate products presented for the following disciplines: product design, packaging design, communication and service, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).

The innovative, clean-cut and understated design and no less than 24 patents led the international panel of judges to choose the Linea series and the XT platform among the best products competing in the “Building Technology” category.

Linea offers absolute flatness of the cover plate and controls; linearity of the axial control and of the button aligned with the slightly curved profile, which features patented in-line technology that returns it to position when operated. What’s more, the detail of the control backlighting, with an illuminated square or a vertical light beam, creates areas of soft brightness.

Linea is designed with sustainability in mind: thanks to the use of plastic from recycled or renewable sources, to the optimised production processes, the efficient management of product volumes, and the use of FSC certified eco-sustainable packaging, a reduction of more than 80% CO2 equivalent produced has been recorded, saving over 500 tonnes of CO2 each year. What’s more, 97% of production contains plastic from renewable and recycled sources originating from an ISCC PLUS certified supply chain (mass balance), contributing to a significantly lower environmental impact.

Linea is dynamic: with the innovative XT platform, the automated home becomes a veritable sensory experience. Controls featuring a flat design, extending across the entire surface and activated anywhere on the surface; highly ergonomic feedback based on microswitch technology and dynamic and customisable LED matrix icons; proximity sensor for icon activation as the hand approaches. The XT platform satisfies the latest styling and functional trends, offering an ergonomic and elegant design on the one hand and ample scalability on the other, as well as expandability of functions without intervening on the wiring. Attention to the smallest detail means the controls of the XT platform are also perfectly coordinated with the range of socket outlets, to offer a complete, innovative and top-performing system without compromising on styling.

Thanks to the prestigious IF Design Award and to Linea, Vimar once again confirms its supremacy in flawless designs "Made in Italy" and its unstoppable development path, without compromising on essential values such as sustainability, innovation and quality.

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