Well-contact Plus - The KNX standard automation system

From lighting to access control, from monitoring consumption levels to working with other devices in the structure, all this can all be managed using Well-contact Plus. A unique system developed on the KNX standard that enables you to programme, coordinate and supervise all the functions in the building, whether it be an office, hotel, shop or gym.

KNX automazioni per edifici: Well-contact Plus Vimar

Optimised building management

Global supervision, local control, automation, lighting.

With Well-contact Plus, control and comfort are guaranteed. Indeed, the system permits the centralised management of any building.

Raising and lowering curtains or rolling shutters, setting the climate, dimming lighting, controlling access points, but also viewing the images captured by CCTV video cameras. All managed from a single point.

Soluzioni per hotel e strutture ricettive Vimar

Efficiency and security for hotels.

Management of energy, climate, accesses, video surveillance.

All the systems present are fully integrated and this results in real benefits, preventing futile waste. The climate is controlled using a centralised system which can be activated or deactivated depending on whether people are present and on whether a window is open or not.

The safety of the system is ensured by transponder card readers which only allow specific areas or environments to be accessed by authorised persons and by the video surveillance system, which is capable of keeping watch over the whole building.

Well-Contact Plus automazioni Hotel Vimar

Eikon Tactil KNX for vertical installation

The room number can be applied to the new Eikon Tactil plate glass cover plates (using internal labels in mylar) still featuring backlighting with RGB LEDs, for easy identification, even in the dark. The room number can also be customised and amended later, once installation is complete. 

Immediately eye-catching, Eikon cover plates boast a smooth and bright glass surface which, for the new transponder reader, is available in three different plate glass finishes: white diamond, black diamond and acqua. 

Eikon Tactil installazione verticale per hotel KNX Vimar

Aesthetic coordination

The Well-contact Plus devices are coordinated with Vimar's ranges: Eikon, Arké, Idea and Plana.

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Well-contact Plus building automation

Automation solutions for the office

High-performance, safe and instant technologies.

For the control, comfort, energy efficiency and safety of offices and tertiary premises, Well-contact Plus offers a series of devices and systems for the quick, effective and centralised management of all work spaces.



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