Wi-Fi thermostat: App- or voice-operated climate control

Designed specifically for individuals who are keen on all things smart, the Vimar Wi-Fi connected thermostat can now also be controlled with an Amazon or Google Assistant-enabled speaker.

Users can thus control the thermostat easily by voice, configuring routines or creating scenarios that include climate control via View Actions or Skills.

Simply by updating the By-clima App from the settings menu, you’ll be able to enable communication between the connected thermostat (art. 02907) and an Amazon or Google Assistant-enabled speaker.


View Skill Action Vimar

This new functionality is also available for the connected timer-thermostat (art. 02911) to allow anyone who has picked a connected thermostat or timer-thermostat by Vimar to live smarter.

Designed to allow simple and straight-forward climate control at home, even remotely, the connected thermostats are easy to surface mount and they constitute the ideal solution for those who want to have their home under control at all times, avoiding unnecessary energy wastage.

Vimar By Clima App

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