App Mobile


Enables the local and remote control of the devices of Clima&Energy range.

Vimar app by clima


Remote supervision of the By-me home automation system. 

Vimar app by web

By-web KNX

It allows to remotely oversee the KNX home automation system via iPhone and iPod.

Vimar app by web knx


Control lights, blinds, temperature, scenarios and alarm system in your home.

Vimar app by phone


Forwarding of Due Fili Plus video door entry call on the local network (not remote).

Vimar app by door


For the management and configuration of Elvox Wi-Gate control boards and receivers.

Vimar app wi gate

Video Door

Video Door app provides mobile management – in complete safety and away from home too – of the functions of the Vimar IP video door entry system.

Vimar app video door