Automation systems for hotels

The hospitality sector meets sophisticated solutions, designed to provide operators with simple and organised management of their tasks, while offering guests the very best in comfort and safety.   

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Hotel automation

Vimar’s solutions for hotels, accommodation facilities and offices offer matching styling for all the devices installed, while at the same time guaranteeing energy efficiency and complete control of the facility.

Thanks to an extensive range of products including wiring series, home automation systems, video door entry systems, video surveillance and gate automations, we are in a position to cover any systems installation requirements, for inside and outside the building, offering technological reliability, easy installation and extreme simplicity of use.

Home automation systems for hotels, B&Bs, accommodation facilities large and small

Each hotel has specific needs to be met during the design, construction, management and maintenance phases.

Our solutions are designed to optimise and automate the functions of any facility, from large chain hotels to boutique hotels and B&Bs. Built to deliver comfort, safety and energy efficiency, they also offer the very best Italian design and ample scope for customisation.

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Smart Hotel

Offer your guests a tailored and practical service: thanks to the card, customers can activate lights and utilities, notifying the outside as to their presence. Climate control can be set to comfortable levels, lights can be controlled from the headboard of the bed, and requests can also be sent to the outside from there.

A slimline offering that is just as efficient in managing your guests’ stay.

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Boutique Hotel

For smaller hotels, this solution enables rooms to be automated and monitored directly from the reception desk. Lights, climate control and automations in each guest room can be managed locally by the occupant or centrally via elegant touch screens.

For charming retreats, elegant and refined establishments with a strong identity. 

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Luxury Hotel

This solution, designed based on the KNX standard, provides large hotels with the answer to all their efficiency and optimisation needs.

The system makes it possible to control all the areas of the hotel centrally and to monitor an unlimited number of guest rooms, managing check-ins and check-outs, controlling lights, climate and automations.

Designing a smart hotel

Easy management and maximum comfort for guests

  • Lights: centrally control lighting in both communal areas and individual guest rooms, guaranteeing total comfort and avoiding waste.
  • Temperature: The climate in every room is controlled centrally or managed locally from electronic thermostats in each room.
  • Energy: manage the building in a smart and efficient way, minimising waste while maximising energy savings.
  • Accesses: The transponder readers make it easy to control access to individual rooms, with them most sophisticated systems you can also manage differentiated access rights.
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International standards and modular design

We manage energy in over 100 countries

To accommodate the various usage requirements across the globe, our offering includes an extensive range of devices in the most popular international standards and it stands out for its modular and installation versatility. Socket outlets and controls with Italian, British, French, German, American standard, to design and manage energy in complete safety according to individual international specifications. Extreme modularity, from 1 to 21 modules, including multi-module and monobloc; both vertical and horizontal, to create bespoke systems.

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Hotel management software

Automations, access control and room management

Well-Contact Suite transforms the reception area into a veritable control room for every kind of hotel function. Vimar’s software for hotel management is available in the Light, Basic, Top, Client and Office versions, each differing in terms of their level of equipment but upgradable at any time. Well-Contact Plus allows you to:

  • perform check-in and check-out operations;
  • reserve rooms and set the required temperature;
  • supervise the state of the rooms in real time;
  • monitor and manage accesses to communal areas (swimming pool, gym, sauna, car park etc.)
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Preconfigured Plug&Play solutions

By-me home automation system

Plug&Play solutions all share one distinguishing feature: speedy installation and commissioning. In fact, installers do not need to resort to special software configurations to automate a simple hotel room. The By-me actuator with 9 inputs and 8 outputs dedicated to the automation of the room, thanks to the Plug&Play mode and several default functions, requires no programming, making commissioning truly smart: simply connect the devices and the room will immediately be automated.

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Integration with "third-party” systems

For coordinated and flexible management

Systems made by different manufacturers often coexist in the same hotel. The KNX standard, on which our Well-contact Plus system is based, allows communication with all products and systems that use this international protocol.

But in order to offer a service that integrates with non-KNX systems or products, Vimar continues to forge partnerships with major brands whose products are widely used in hotels. 

Domotica alberghiera Vimar KNX
Domotica alberghiera gestione Clima Vimar

Climate control systems

Our system integrates and communicates seamlessly with the most common climate control systems by means of a KNX standard gateway, to manage temperature efficiently at all times.

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Lighting systems

Compatibility with the lighting products and systems of leading brands is ensured by DALI and DMX gateways, non-proprietary protocols that are adopted by the main players in the sector, and by Bluetooth radio, EnOcean and ZigBee technologies.

Domotica alberghiera Controllo accessi Vimar

Access systems

Our RFID readers read the key cards (with differentiated access levels) of electronic door lock systems, which can interface with devices installed in the room.

Bespoke customisations

Matching colours: for a unique user experience

Affording perfectly matching styling, which also extends to the user interfaces, with RGB LEDs, that let you choose the backlighting colour.

The touch screen displays can be also customised as desired with special images or backgrounds, to add a dash of your own style to the devices.

Domotica alberghiera personalizzazione RGB Vimar

Make your identity stand out

To promote the identity of the accommodation facility, all the cover plates can bear its logo, while the buttons and controls can be customised based on the chosen function.

Laser technology makes it possible to replicate any symbol accurately choosing from an extensive gallery of pictograms that identify the most widespread functions.

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