Elvox video door entry systems in tune with the future

Entrance panels, entryphone and video entryphones

Seeing what goes on outside the home, recognising those who ring our doorbell and communicating accurately are all crucial operations for living a quiet life. This is why we need access to advanced solutions based on innovative technology that can ensure the security and clarity we require by simultaneously combining user-friendliness with a system that is simple to install. Not to mention a sharp focus on the design and typical style of fine all-Italian production, which provides essential added value.

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A solution for all kinds of requirements

Communicating simply, effectively and safely.

The entrance panels come in various sizes and can be installed in different ways but they all have one thing in common: the elegance and sophistication of a design in line with the most demanding architectural expectations.

The indoor video door entry system stations with speakerphone or handset, stand alone or integrated in the By-me automation system, feature exquisite, modern, delicate finishes and are thinner than traditional devices.

Videocitofonia Tab Tab7 Pixel Pixel Heavy

Due Fili Plus technology

A system that is capable of accurately meeting all building requirements.

With Due Fili Plus, there is scope for the creation of systems handling up to 484 entrance panels, 6,400 indoor units and 128 porter switchboards. 
The audio and video signal is reproduced with ultra high fidelity up to a distance of 1,200 metres between the entrance panel and indoor station. 

Due Fili Plus can truly go the distance.

Logo Due Fili Plus

IP technology

Its IP technology enables it to go beyond the limits of traditional video door entry systems. Performance is enhanced, and the audio and video signal quality is guaranteed and protected, whatever the size of the building complex. For efficient, high-performance communication, 24-7.

To create the passive network infrastructure, we recommend the Netsafe system in fibre optics, or copper, in categories 5e, 6 and 6A.

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Entrance panels

Versatile, technologically advanced solutions for communicating easily, effectively and safely.

Surface mounting or fitted; monoblock, modular or special flush mounting versions. 

Different kinds of installation and various solutions but all with one specific goal: to ensure stylistic continuity by blending in with its architectural context, whether this is an old building or a modern residential complex.

Pixel series

Attractive and versatile, with a slim, modern design.

Just 10 cm wide, it can easily be installed in small spaces without compromising either the design or the quality of the technology quality.

Available in sound/video or sound only versions, the Pixel panels are characterised by their extensive modularity which provides fully customised installation options, combining different types of buttons and a 3.5” colour LCD display.

Vimar Pixel Varie Modularità

Pixel Heavy series

When strength meets design

With the same minimal lines and rounded corners of the entire Pixel series, Heavy stands out for its admirable strength and robustness.

Available in the special sable grey finish, with die-cast aluminium frame, the Zamak front modules and protection ratings IK10 and IP54, it is even more weather and impact-resistant and is ideal for installation in saline environments.

Vimar Pixel Heavy

1200 Series

One material, three colours and three finishes. To satisfy every style.

The panels in the 1200 series are made of AISI 316 stainless steel with 8/10 thickness and are available in the colours stainless steel with embossed surface, gold with PVD treatment and sandy grey paint with satin finish.

Vimar Serie 1200

1300 Series

Modern and hard-wearing.

Soft, modern design with non-scratch finish. The 1300 series, fitted with LED back lighting to make it easy to read even at night, is made of anodised and electro-polished aluminium and can be either built-in or wall-mounted.

Vimar Serie 1300

Patavium Series

The elegance of a timeless classic.

Made of 100% brass for watch-making with PVD treatment, the Patavium panels fulfil the widest range of installation requirements in elegant spaces. With their sophisticated designs, they adapt to suit all types of architecture,particularly historical buildings, guaranteeing an excellent look and high performances, easily customised with logos, symbols or marks.

Vimar Serie Patavium

Door entry and video door entry systems

Hi-tech performances combined with the style that has made Italy famous worldwide.

The full range of internal stations, both for door entry and video door entry systems, offers solutions that have been specifically designed to elegantly adapt to the widest range of living styles. High quality materials, elegant designs, sophisticated finishes, for a functional look and a 100% user-friendly experience.

Door entry systems for lovers of simplicity

For communicating easily and instantly both inside and outside the home

The Vimar door entry systems blend in with all styles of decor. Simple lines and contents, for those seeking the basic essentials in both the aesthetics of the shape and in the functions. 

From 6900 and 8700, the simpler models in the Petrarca series, to the more advanced Tab jr., designed for those who can do without the video function but still seek quality and the most innovative designs.

Vimar Citofonia

TAB: latest generation video door entry system

With a contemporary design and a thin profile

Simpler, more compact and more user-friendly. The TAB video door entry units are a true innovation, with their LCD display, capacitive keypad, ultra-thin thickness and contemporary design, able to satisfy every requirement for installation and use. 

The models in the TAB series are available in black and white; two timeless colours, processed to achieve a particular glass effect, for a look that blends in perfectly with every style and decor.

Vimar Videocitofonia Tab

Tab 7 and Tab 7S

Today, the future of video door entry systems

Tab 7 and Tab 7S are both inspired by lightness and the quiet elegance of the lines that characterise all the models in the series, with revolutionary functions and elegant designs.

In addition to the usual video door entry functions, the Tab 7S also has built-in Wi-Fi and a Video Door app allowing call repetition on your smartphone to ensuretotal control even when you are out and about. In short, a product with its sights set firmly on the future.


7200 Series

The bigger picture when it comes to communication

Maximum technology with the comfort of speakerphone. Clear, high-definition images on the 7” LCD Wide Screen.

Not to mention the countless functions: from the hands-free speakerphone to the back-lit keyboard and the Led warning lights.


5700 Series

Extreme coordination between fine aesthetics and advanced functions.

With its simple, clean lines, fully representing the best in modern design trends, the new 5700 video door entry system blends perfectly into any residential setting, with its ultra-thin profile and two available colours, black and white. Simple controls, user-friendly symbols, functions that are easy to programme and can be integrated with the By-me home automation system, a 3.5” high definition colour display: these are the characteristics that make it unique.

Vimar videocitofonia elvox serie 5700

6600 Series

The Design based on hospitality

The video door entry systems in the 6600 series also stand out for their special 3.5” TFT LCD monitors, with vertical tilt function, which help the user clearly view in detail who is at the door. They combine technology and design, and are flexible solutions that ca be used in various contexts. They are available in 4 different colours, and can be built-in, wall mounted or desktop located, providing a comfortable way to welcome your visitors.

Vimar videocitofonia elvox serie 6600

Reception switchboard

Reception that meets professional standards.

The ideal reception switchboard for community systems, it monitors the calls from the external panels of the door entry and video door entry systems, coordinating the communication flows between the various stations. It ensures continuous, intelligent and advanced call management, even in large residential complexes.

The reception switchboards are available for the Due Fili Plus and IP technology on pc via web browser.

Vimar Centralino Di Portineria

When home automation includes video door entry systems

Full Flat video touch screen

Touch screen technology meets advanced functions.

The Full Flat video touch screen combines all the functions of video door entry systems with the integrated management of By-me home automation. Featuring a 4.3” colour display, for a high definition view of the images, it comes in white, anthracite grey and neutral. It is complete with the full range of panels from the Eikon, Arké and Plana series, offering a perfect combination of high technology and design.

Vimar videocitofonia elvox video touch screen full flat

10” multimedia video touch screen

Created to amaze

A true command point that combines advanced technology with elegant, sophisticated finishes. From here, the whole house is under control and you have tabs on everything. All it takes is a touch for full, user-friendly access to all the video door entry system functions and to easily manage the By-me home automation system. And the host of extra functions make this device a tiny technological jewel.

Vimar Multimedia Video Touch Screen