Video door entry system technologies

High-performance technology to multiply solutions

IP, SIP and Due Fili Plus technologies can be easily used to create even large systems, guaranteeing the highest performance in any type of building, from small homes to large residential complexes. High-performance systems that are capable of accurately meeting all building requirements.

Due Fili Plus

A system that is capable of accurately meeting all building requirements

With Due Fili Plus, there is room to build systems that can manage up to 484 outdoor stations, 6,400 indoor stations and 128 reception switchboards. The audio and video signal is reproduced with ultra high fidelity up to a distance of 1,200 metres between the outdoor station and indoor station.

Due Fili Plus can truly go the distance.

Videocitofonia tecnologia 2 Fili plus Vimar


Beyond the limits of traditional video door entry systems

Performance has been improved and the quality of the audio and video signal is guaranteed and protected, whatever the size of the building complex. For efficient, top-performing communication, 24-7. To create the passive network infrastructure, we recommend the Netsafe system in fibre optics, or copper, categories 5e, 6 and 6A.

Videocitofonia tecnologia IP Vimar


Solutions on VOIP infrastructure

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the most popular protocol used in the VOIP telephony business market to allow the creation of communication sessions of both audio or audio-video between one or more participants, offering the opportunity to include telephone calls over the Internet as well (VOIP).
To accommodate the needs of this market segment, Vimar offers a range of dedicated video door entry systems, designed to be applied in those contexts where a SIP server is present and compatible with the products made by the world leaders in the field of VOIP telephony.

Videocitofonia tecnologia SIP Vimar