IoT devices for the smart home

Vimar’s range of devices for the smart home has been extended thanks to three new articles which can be managed via the View App (dedicated to the user) and easy to configure by the installer using the View Wireless App.

Energy meter

The energy meter is designed to measure and view the consumption (in the presence of a photovoltaic system) and the possible production of instant electricity via the View App.

This device can be connected to the single-phase line (or to a single line of the three-phase system) via a dedicated current probe, and it is also designed to view the log of energy produced/consumed with hourly, daily, monthly and annual resolution. This will enable you to keep all the consumption data of the entire home under control at all times, with all the ensuing benefits. Greater awareness which translates to greater energy efficiency.

02963 | Iot Energy Meter Vimar

To encourage the conversion of a traditional electrical system into a connected system, especially if fitted with push buttons and relays, Vimar also offers two new retrofit devices to control lights and roller shutters.
The connected relay module for the control of incandescent lamps, LED lamps and fluorescent lamps and the connected roller shutter module for roller shutters, which is designed to control a roller shutter and orient its slats.

Smart roller shutter and relay

With these two devices, which offer an alternative installation compared to connected roller shutter actuators and 2-way switches, the traditional electrical system becomes smart and allows you to control lights and roller shutters by hand, via smartphone or voice (in the event of integration with smart speakers). For a home that becomes smart and guarantees greater comfort, more efficiency and security both when you are inside the environments as well as when you are out of doors, enhancing the value of the property and improving life for those who live there.

The basic configuration of these two devices is simple to achieve using the View Wireless App and it envisages the Bluetooth® wireless technology 5.0 standard as the pre-loaded connectivity protocol. Thanks to the double technology fitted on these devices, the configuration App can be used to convert operation from Bluetooth to Zigbee, enabling the direct integration of the devices with Zigbee hub (e.g. Amazon Alexa Echo Plus/Show/Studio) and manage a smart ecosystem, using the Amazon Alexa App directly.

03981 03982 | Iot Actuator Vimar

The new range of IoT products is the ideal solution when renovating an area of the home or an entire dwelling, store, restaurant, office and in those situations where masonry work and repainting tasks need to be kept to a minimum.

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