Smart access control for accommodation facilities

Vimar presents its new smart solutions for access control.
Simple to programme and easy to use, they increase the value of the facility, offering guests the best in comfort and safety.

Controllo Accessi Smart Per Strutture Ricettive Vimar

Smart system for access control

Ideal for small and medium accommodation facilities, such as on-farm facilities and B&Bs, it includes two new devices: an NFC/RFID smart card reader - which shows the state of the room and allows access only to authorised persons – and an NFC/RFID smart card switch in the room that recognises the smart card and enables the energy in the room.  


Controllo Accessi Smart Vimar Transponder

Safe access

The transponder reader displays the state of the room from the outside, allowing only authorised persons with a card to enter.

Controllo Accessi Smart Vimar Tasca Lettore

Welcome to the room

Once inside, simply insert the card in the reader and the room will reveal all its wonders.

Controllo Accessi Smart Vimar Gestione Camera

Climate control and room state

Switch the lights on and off and control the climate. All with instant, one-touch control and status display.

Lettore Transponder Fuoriporta Vimar

Smart card transponder reader

Tasca Lettore Interna Vimar

Smart card switch in the room


Two devices that create an extremely versatile system that adapts to every need.

  • In stand alone mode, using the View Wireless app, the installer sets up the system.  Again using the View Wireless app, the manager programmes the accesses using the wizard built into the app, and stores the cards in a smartphone, which synchronises the system by placing the smartphone near the devices installed. Finally, the client uses the card to enter the room and any other common areas in the facility, if authorised. To increase the safety level, the “relay change-over” function has been introduced, which opens the contact from the smart card switch inside the room.
  • Adding the IoT Bluetooth WiFi gateway, the system is connected, and using the View App it is possible to remotely open the entrances, supervise any presences in the room, dialogue with other connected devices to control the lighting, operate the roller shutters and automatically control the temperature in the room, as well as create custom scenarios.


Simple operations offering the facility manager greater flexibility even when the reception is not manned.  Once the manager has remotely opened the door and the guests have entered the facility, they just have to take the card and use it. Inserted in the smart card switch, it will power the various devices, thus avoiding waste; the temperature will be raised or lowered to the required comfort level and any welcome scenarios set and customised in advance can be activated. The guarantee of smart hospitality.

Access control devices are based on Bluetooth® wireless technology and are available for the wiring series Eikon, Arké and Plana.

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