Your wiring system becomes connected

From now on, the Eikon, Arké, Plana and Idea series by Vimar have become connected.
While retaining all their personality, elegant design and various prized finishes, which enable perfectly matching styling with any domestic context, the three wiring series can be transformed into a connected device and exploit the endless potential that the Net offers.

Using either the app or a vocal control, the system can therefore also be accessed remotely, to control the lighting in the environments, raise or lower roller shutters or motorised curtains, monitor electricity consumption throughout the home or of individual appliances, and create and manage up to 16 scenarios with the utmost ease.

Transform your home

Transforming your home into a connected building is easy, quick, and requires no masonry work. Simply replace certain traditional 1-way switches in the existing system with new connected devices and then power them. The system retains the same styling but it is supplemented by innovative digital functions that guarantee greater comfort, efficiency and safety, while at the same time enhancing the value of the building and improving the lifestyle for its inhabitants.

As well as for new buildings, the View Wireless connected products are ideal for renovations (even of just one area of the building) or to boost the functions of an existing system, and they are a useful support means for the elderly or people with restricted mobility. 

Impianto tradizionale sostituzione interruttore vimar

Dual intelligence, dual technology

To offer maximum integration with the main smart devices and technologies currently on the market and used in everyday life, connected products are natively fitted with dual technology: Bluetooth® wireless technology and Zigbee.

Bluetooth MESH system

The connectivity protocol that is pre-loaded onto the devices is the Bluetooth® wireless technology 5.0 standard. Using this technology makes it possible to create a comprehensive and highly professional solution with a network of control points (that also integrates all the main voice assistants via cloud) connected to the Wi-Fi gateway as the point of access, which can be configured simply and quickly using the dedicated View Wireless app and controllable by the user via the View App. This solution also makes it possible to expand the system without requiring any masonry work to add additional control points to the system, without restrictions. Simply use the Vimar radio frequency controls, fitted with Bluetooth technology, that do not require wires or batteries and can be installed onto any surface.

Impianto smart tecnologia Bluetooth
ZigBee connected products

If there is an Amazon Alexa smart speaker in the home with the Zigbee protocol, the View Wireless app can be used to modify the pre-loaded configuration of Vimar products and switch to the latter, turning the smart speaker itself into the gateway for connection to the connected devices and the control point for their functions. A basic yet performing solution to create a smart ecosystem to control lights, roller shutters and generic loads using your voice.

Impianto Smart Tecnologia Zigbee

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