Zigbee2-way switch kit ArkéClassic black - 0K19592.02


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Zigbee2-way switch kit ArkéClassic black
View Wireless connected 2-way switch kit with: 1 19592.0 2-way switch mechanism, 1 19022 interchangeable 2-module button grey, 1 19607 2-module British standard mounting frame, 1 19603 2-module mounting frame without screws, 1 19642.71 2-module Arké Classic cover plate black

  • The smart switch allows to control lamps, or other kind of loads, either using a voice command or an app for smartphone/tablet or pressing the push button
  • The smart switch can be controlled through a wireless connection by a Zigbee 3.0 smart home hub, such as Amazon Echo Plus, Echo Show or Echo Studio
  • Amazon Alexa voice assistant is able to discover easily the smart switch and add it to the list of its own devices
  • The smart switch can be installed in existing electrical systems with wired multi-way and two-way switches
  • The smart switch works in the range of 100-240V 50/60Hz and the relay output is suitable for incandescent lamps up to 500W, LED lamps up to 100W, electronic transformers up to 250VA, fluorescent lamps up to 120W
  • The timed switch-off and the power-on duration can be configured using the on-board push button
  • The smart switch has a wired input that allows other traditional push buttons to control the smart switch
  • The smart switch performs the automatic opening of the relay for thermal protection
  • The smart switch must be powered with the same phase (L) and neutral (N) that power the load. In installation with wired multi-way and two-way switches, the smart switch should be always powered, therefore it should be installed instead of the wired two-way switch furthest from the load
  • The smart switch is provided with two frames for French/German and British international standards
  • For flush-mounting installation, it needs at least 5 cm deep backplate
  • Compatible with SmartThings hub

Product Status
3 - Active

Kit components

Class group
Domestic switching devices
Installation switch
Wiring system
Two-way switch
Method of operation
Assembly arrangement
Modular device for domestic switching devices
Number of modules (module system)
Push button switch
Number of rockers
Mounting method
Type of fastening
Engage (snap)
With mounting plate
Material quality
Surface protection
Surface finishing
RAL-number (similar)
Label space/information surface
Function lighting
Illuminated (on)
Type of lighting
LED not exchangeable
Connection type
Screwed terminal
Washing machine switch
Device width
22,20 mm
Device height
49,00 mm
Device depth
48,60 mm
Built-in depth
36,50 mm

00. CE Marking - EU

43. UKCA mark - Great Britain

Minimum order quantity: 1 NR


Barcode Qty 1 NR
1 NR
14.2x9.8x9.1 [cm]
176.2 [g]


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