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16 A IoT connected actuator white
View Wireless connected electronic control device with NO 16 A 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz relay output, local control with push button or remote control, double technology with Bluetooth® wireless technology 5.0 standard for the realization of View Wireless mesh system and Zigbee 3.0 standard, function for measuringthe instant power and load cut-off threshold, RGB LED visible in darkness with brightness control, 100-240 V 50/60 Hz power supply, white

  • Configuration from View Wireless App for Bluetooth technology system and Amazon App for Zigbee technology
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT, using the dedicated gateway or Zigbee hub
  • Compatible with SmartThings hub

Product Status
3 - Active

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Class group
Installation bus systems
Switch actuator for bus system
Bus system KNX
Bus system KNX-RF (Radio Frequent)
Bus system radio frequent
Bus system LON
Bus system Powernet
Other bus systems
Radio frequent bidirectional
Mounting method
Width in number of modular spacings
Local operation/hand operation
With LED indication
Max. number of switching contacts
Rated current
16 A
Rated operating voltage
100,00 - 240,00 V
Different phases connectable
With bus connection
Bus module detachable
Modular expandability

00. CE Marking - EU

19. NOM - Mexico

29. QCERT - Colombia

37. Marking - Morocco

40. Bluetooth technology

42. Zigbee certified

43. UKCA mark - Great Britain

92. RoHS UAE

Minimum order quantity: 1 NR


Barcode Qty 1 NR
1 NR
5.2x3.5x5.3 [cm]
52 [g]
Barcode Qty 60 NR
60 NR
27x23x12.5 [cm]
3,310 [g]
Question: How many devices can I install in a Wireless system?
Answer: The system allows the configuration of a maximum of 64 devices for each gateway code 14597-16497-19597-20597
Question: Which App is dedicated to system configuration?
Answer: The system can be configured using the View Wireless App.
Question: How do you reset the devices?
Answer: Resetting is done by pressing the configuration push button for a prolonged amount of time, which must be done within 5 min of commissioning (powering) the product.
Question: Which function envisages the actuator device art.14593-19593-20593-16593, configured in energy monitoring mode?
Answer: The product allows the display of the energy consumed and the disconnection upon exceeding a given threshold which can be set by the user.
Question: How many Energy meters art.02963 can I install in a Wireless system?
Answer: Each connected system allows a maximum of 2 meters art.02963.
Question: Can the connected 2-way switch art.14592-19492-19592-20592 be used as a 1-way switch for a controlled socket outlet
Answer: No, as a minimum load of 2W is necessary for correct operation. To manage a controlled socket outlet, you can use art. 14593-16493-19593-20593 or art. 03981

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