Solutions for climate control and energy management

Devices for constant climate control. But also smart solutions for managing energy in the home: thermostats and timer-thermostats combining the highest technological levels with top practical functionality.

With a simple touch, or using the user-friendly cursors.


Clima&Energy the temperature regulation system

Surface mounting devices

Stand-alone solutions with wired-in, radio-controlled or wireless controls with Wi-Fi technology.

Thermostats and timer-thermostats, with intuitive controls: some with easy-to-read touch screens and others with buttons, cursors or wheels. Vimar devices allow for simple and comprehensive temperature control, whether you are at home or away, and display consumption levels to encourage energy saving.


Flush mounting devices

Flush mounting solutions for stand-alone installation or fitted in By-me and Well-contact Plus home automation systems with KNX standard.

The climate control and energy functions are combined with a full range of stylish designs, based on the combination with the Eikon, Arké, Idea and Plana series. Thermostats and timer-thermostats are fitted with highly sensitive, back-lit LED RGB touch screens, allowing perfect coordination with the finishes of the chosen cover plates.

Vimar Clima Energy Dispositivi Da Incasso

Within everyone’s reach

The simplest way to control climate and energy

Featuring user-friendly controls and an easy-to-read touch screen display, they ensure you always create the ideal temperature at home and keep a check on your consumption levels, favouring energy savings.

What’s more, the timer-thermostats also enable you to programme when the boiler is turned on and off, on a daily or weekly basis. A full range of solutions for all kinds of requirements.


By-clima App

The ideal climate is just a touch away

With its user-friendly interface, the new By-clima App for smartphones and tablets enables you to programme both built-in and wall-mounted thermostats and timer-thermostats, including those with sound, GSM and Wi-Fi functions. The latter can also be remotely controlled, enabling you to manage your climate settings with maximum versatility even when out and about.


The ideal temperature, all year long


Integrated GSM


Ecometer function


Consumption values display




Touch screen

Excellent performances

A complete range, packed full of functions

Thermostats and timer-thermostats ensure the highest levels of both functional and technological performance. With the intuitive graphic interfaces, the devices combine user-friendliness with advanced technological functions to manage the climate in any building in the best possible way, even remotely.

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Clima&Energy | Autoconsumo e gestione Vimar

Climate comfort

The temperature you want, as and when you want it

Complete climate management for any type of building, suited to any environment and controllable locally and centrally from a single point, or also remotely. Many possible heating and cooling solutions with systems with two or four pipes, underfloor heating and radiators, fan-coils and split/multisplit systems.

The Ecometer function shows the consumption values via a user-friendly indicator with a graded scale, and warns when the comfort temperature is exceeded by lighting an icon, thus fostering greater energy awareness.

Clima&Energy | comfort climatico Vimar

Smart management

Integrated Climate control in the By-me home automation system

As the system is integrated in the home automation systems, fully energy management is now possible: from monitoring the consumption levels to checking the photovoltaic system.

The energy and the building are fully managed using  touch screens with which all the values can also be constantly monitored both by periods - on an hourly, daily, weekly basis, etc. - and by type of size.

Clima&Energy | Autoconsumo e gestione Vimar