Friends of Hue + Arké Round kit grey - 0K03906.08


Surface mounting equipments / Systems / Radiofrequency

Friends of Hue + Arké Round kit grey
Friends of Hue kit, contains: 1 switch 03906, 1 mounting frame 19507.RN grey, 2 button caps 19506 grey, 1 2-module cover plate 19672.81 black

  • You can also use it in wireless mode, by placing it on any surface whatsoever; no masonry work is required, making it ideal for renovations
  • 1-way switch with dimmer function for the precise control of lamps or to retrieve light scenarios configured by the Philips Hue APP
  • Wireless 1-way switch kit, controls the light scenarios of Friends of Hue light bulbs, using the Philips bridge
  • Can also be used like a normal flush mounting 1-way switch son standard 2M supports or surface mounted

Product Status
3 - Active

Kit components

Sheets, Manuals, Documentation

Class group
Installation bus systems
Light control unit for bus system
Bus system KNX radio
Bus system radio frequent
Bus system LON
Bus system Powernet
Radio frequent bidirectional
Bus connection included
Minimum order quantity: 1 NR


1 NR
12.5x10x2.5 [cm]
88.2 [g]

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