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Designed to combine the easy operation of the dial control with the clear image of the LED matrix display, the new Vimar smart thermostat is distinguished by an innovative design, inspired by the automotive world, designed to be used by all. Available in the flush mounting version and in two colours - grey and white - it blends in with any interior design style and is available for the Eikon, ArkéPlana and Idea wiring series.


Multiple details emphasise its ergonomic design and attention to detail to suit multiple usage requirements, starting with the display which is perfectly visible even from afar, with the possibility of setting the brightness to 3 different levels, and also turn it off in the event of installation in a bedroom for example. The ring with backlighting too, with different customisable colours to indicate the operating status, in a design with minimal protrusion and maximum practicality.


Two available versions.

  • Stand-alone for traditional systems: indeed, simply turn the dial and select the ideal temperature, depending on your individual requirements, or use the four default quick controls allowing you to set on/off, to change from degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit, to adjust the brightness and to switch from winter to summer and vice-versa.
  • Smart: IoT connected, which via the IoT Bluetooth WiFi gateway is integrated with the View Wireless ecosystem across the Vimar smart wiring series. Climate control in residential or small tertiary contexts can therefore be integrated with controlling lights and operating roller shutters as well as energy management.  The user will be able to manage the system either from a smartphone using the View App (locally or remotely) or by voice using voice assistants.
    Moreover, integrations with other products are enabled thanks to an IFTTT cloud service.
Termostato Smart Vimar Arké

View App

With the View App, the user has full control over climate thanks to technology that makes life easier. Indeed, programmes can be set according to lifestyles or temperature thresholds can be associated with specific days or time brackets. The App also makes it possible to manage several thermostats simultaneously in the same home to form a multi-zone system, or to include your favourite temperature in scenarios. All this in view of saving energy, to heat or cool down only when necessary.

Vimar Termostato Smart App View Controllo Clima

Connected magnetic contact

Last but not least, consumption levels can also be optimised thanks to the new connected magnetic contact, a device affording flexible installation which allows you to supervise entrances, send notifications, activate scenarios or suspend the temperature control system if an open window or door is detected.

The stand-alone and connected thermostats, just like the magnetic contact, are the ideal solution both for new systems as well as for refurbishments or when updating existing systems.

Contatto Magnetico Connesso Finestra

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