Celebrating the birth of View: VImar Energy on Web

Iot Smart Life

From today, Vimar's Positive Energy speeds along the Web. In a period of history with ever-increasing use of digital technologies, when connectivity is changing the rules of the market and the way businesses design, develop and market their value offering, Vimar offers View.

But what is View?

View is first and foremost Vimar's vision of the digital world and the Internet of Things, the guiding principle, in the near future, of the development of smart solutions, all connected to each other, the Internet and the user by means of state-of-the-art digital technologies. But View is also a constantly growing ecosystem of stylistically matched smart products and interconnected systems, also compatible with other producers' commercial offerings, intended to increase simplicity for users and offer them an intuitive experience, working towards total control of their homes and a smart lifestyle.


Within View, Vimar has also begun to adopt a new approach to the supply chain, launching constant dialogue with both the main technology producers and the top players in the various product sectors. This has generated many partnerships, which expand the connected solutions' range of action to meet any market demand. Lighting, HVAC, access control and multimedia are just some of the segments which will be increasingly able to dialogue with Vimar products and systems.

People's more and more symbiotic relationships with their buildings is thus interpreted with the aim on the one hand of simplifying every action in the daily routine, large or small, and on the other of facilitating the work of industry professionals. IoT solutions that guarantee comfort, safety and energy efficiency, and total supervision, by means of simple Apps designed around users' needs, but also openness to services with high added value for consumers, installers and the entire supply chain.

Smart solutions for the professional market - based on both proprietary and international standard protocols - range from the By-me home automation system for residential and small service users, to the Well-contact Plus building information system, developed on the KNX standard; from the IP and Two Wire Plus video intercom system with the new TAB7S video door entry units to the By-alarm burglar alarm systems, and CCTV surveillance and gate automation systems. Not to mention the digital infrastructure to support the connectivity of the Netsafe structured wiring system. Also included in the lavish View offering is an increasingly wide series of wireless products for the Smart Home: Wi-Fi or GSM timer-thermostats, Wi-Fi CCTVs, and radiofrequency controls on ZigBee and EnOcean standards, and using Bluetooth on new devices.

All this is to be found in View, Vimar's innovative, fresh approach to the smart building, made possible by the technology developed by Vimar, famed for its technological quality and superlative styling for more than 70 years.

View - IoT smart life

Design: coordinated products and user interfaces • Connectivity: advanced IoT products and systems • Integration: unique user experience • Partnership: solutions for any requirement • Data and cloud: value-added services

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