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The customer has lost all the Master cards for their system, how can I recreate them.

You can't, Master cards can only be created during the initial setup of the reader. To reuse the reader and create new Master cards, you must reset the same reader (wiping all the previous programming) and start again with configuration as if the product was just installed.

How can I update the time of all the readers after a mains power outage?

Create a Service Card in the Utility/card/Reset Clock menu and tick the Update All option. Insert the newly created card in the selected reader and the time and date of all the readers connected to the BUS will be updated.

The table configuration unit for Smart cards does not work.

The default drivers installed when the device is first connected are incorrect, you must install the drivers in C:\\CA\\Drivers folder after installing the Access Control software

After installing the Access Control software, the program does not start or a "Java Virtual Machine Launcher" error pops up.

Check the following setting on your PC:•Execute the Start/Programs/InterBase InterClient/InterServer Configuration Utility and verify that the "Start_Up Mode" is set to Windows STARTUP.• Go to control unit / InterBase Manager, verify that the Status is set as: “The InterBase Server is currently Running ”• Exclude Antivirus monitoring (exclusions section) from the folder in the following location: C:\\Program Files\\Borland\\InterClient\\bin\\interserver.exe

What should I enter in the "Device Data Transfer" and "PC Data Transfer" boxes in the Application Configuration window that appears when the application starts on a mobile device?

The two items ask you to specify the name of the respective communications ports that the application should reserve for the Access Control System devices and with the mobile device and/or mobile phone. The "Device Data Transfer" is the infrared port on the mobile device or cell phone and the actual name depends on the device. For Compaq iPAQ 3650 and 3870 palmtops, the name is "COM2:" written in upper case with the colon at the end. The item "PC Data Transfer" is the communications port of your mobile device or cell phone that you want to use to transfer data with your computer. The name depends on the device. For Compaq iPAQ 3650 and 3870 palmtops, the name is "COM1:" written in upper case and with the colon at the end. This port allows you to transfer data using the serial cable supplied with your mobile device.

What should I do if I close the application while it is exchanging data with the computer or with the devices in the Access Control System?

If the application is closed incorrectly, it may not correctly close the communication port that was being used, thus blocking subsequent communication operations through that port. In this case, close any applications running on the mobile device or cell phone and reset the device. This procedure depends on the mobile devices or cell phones used, but it will be described in their user manuals. In the case of Compaq iPAQ devices, simply turn off the device, insert the pen into the small hole at the bottom of the device and wait until it comes back on.

What can I do if, despite correct installation, the software does not start?

Check that the data manager is activated when the computer starts. To do this, open the InterServer Configuration Utility window in Start-> Programs-> InterBase InterClient, and set the parameter Startup Mode to Windows Startup.

There are 3 types of smart cards managed by the system. Which should I use?

The smart cards managed by the software and read by the Access Control readers are: ST14C025, SIEMENS SLE4445, GEMPLUS GEMCLUB. The first cards are the VIMAR products most used for the system, the other cards are for specific uses and not sold directly by VIMAR.

How can I use the software for the Access Control System if I do not have a serial port on my computer?

Some new laptops actually don't have a serial port, but they will certainly have a USB port. There are commercially available cables that transform USB ports into serial ports which the Access Control System software can then use for communication.

Where can I find the software for the Access Control System to be installed on my computer?

The software for the Vimar Access Control System is on the CD attached to the smart card configuration device and is available on the website under Product Software.

Can I use the PC to program cards with transponder?

No, only smart cards can be programmed via the PC or the 16473 programmer.

Can I monitor the presence in a room with access control via BUS?

No, you can't control the presence in the room from the PC, you can do it by passing the wires from every room to reception and creating a LED panel.

Is it possible with the Access Control System via BUS to program decremental cards and for times of the day?

It is possible, but only through the 16473 smart card programmer and the relative software.