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Is it necessary to connect an entrance panel after the interface art.69DM?

No, the Two-Wire riser can be assembled even without a Two-Wire entrance panel, but it must still be programmed using a Two-Wire entrance panel. The internal Two-Wire devices will be called from the Digibus entrance panel(s).

How many cables must be connected to the 69DM interface?

On the Digibus side: 3 + coaxial (in the case of video system), only 3 in audio door entry systems. On the Two-Wire side: a pair of twisted cables.

What ID must be given to a 69DM interface?

From 2 to 15, as the Two Wire system considers the interface as a secondary entrance panel

How many entrance panels can be connected downline of a 69DM interface?

Up to 14 entrance panels

How many audio door entry phones or video door entry phone can be connected downline of the 69DM interface, i.

Up to 200 devices in total (audio door entry phones or video door entry phone).