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Can I programme old and new MD modules on the software?

Yes, but using the new software, version 2.5

How can I recover the ADL EF IP address (article 02094)?

Article 02094 is configured using the network connection and software such as “Device Installer” by Lantronix.

With software version 2.5, the speech synthesis is in English, how can I set it in Italian?

Yes, to set up the Italian language it is necessary to install the PC OS voice assistant in Italian.

How can I set the COM communication port on the software version 2.5?

In the new software version 2.5 of Call-way, when using the protocol converter (article 02091) it is possible to set the COM port directly from the menu: Configuration_System_Serial port.

Does the Call-way software run on Microsoft Windows 10 platform?

Only the new version 2.5

Minimum PC characteristics:

- Pentium 3 and above - 256 MB Ram - Platform: Microsoft Windows 7, 8  e 10 (only with software version 2.5) - 100 MB of Hard Disk space.


Can I have multiple PCs in a single Call-way system?

Yes. In the Pc multiple stations configuration, only one Pc (main) can perform operations on the Call-way system. The other PCs (secondary) become the remote viewers of the main PC. This characteristic implies the existence of a local network to which connect the PCs involved in the supervision.

If I use the system in ON-LINE mode, does the PC always have to be connected to the system?

Yes. In this mode, the PC must be running and connected to the system through the protocol converter, part no. 02091.

What are the differences between the OFF-LINE and ON-LINE system modes?

In the OFF-LINE configuration, the system allows for the management of simple assistance calls without any discrimination and does not allow functions with voice and audio. In the ON-LINE configuration, the system provides diversification of the type of call from the modules (normal, assistance, code-blue, fault) in addition to managing intercom/telephone call types as well as the diffusion of the announcement/music channel. Moreover, the software in the latter mode allows the management of profiles/scenarios, different operations based on time periods, recording of system events and other functions useful for the management of the patient.