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Can the cards series ZC 15/17/21/22/25/24 as well as EC 10 and EC 25, work without encoder?


Where are the encoder wires connected on cards RS01 and RS02?

On the black "fixed" terminal board after the "CN4" marked SE (White),  -E (Blue),   +E (Brown).

Can EIM2 motors be installed in other brands of foundation box?


Are there any new automation cards with 40 MHz radio, to replace cards ZC17 and ZC 15?

Current all cards are 433 MHz. If they are replaced you must also replace the remote controls.

Are buffer batteries mandatory for the operation of the automation?

No the automation works even without batteries.

Is it possible to have internal spare parts for motors, gears, etc. ?

Some external spare parts are available for easily replaceable parts. For internal breakages, you are advised to send the motors to Vimar, via the dealer or CAT, for repair.

When replacing a card on a sliding gate at 12 Vdc and installing an RS 01 or RS 02 card, it is mandatory to install the kit

Given that motor model is "dated" and the card is new, there is no guarantee the sliding gate will work properly without the limit switch kit.

Do cards RS16 and RS17 of the EK14 and EK15 kit have the second radio channel?


In the ETR2 remote control instructions manual, it doesn't explain the procedure for storing the remote control code on the automation control board. Where can I find this information?

The procedure for storing this code varies from control board to control board. Therefore, the procedure for storing this information is located in the instructions manual of the electronic board installed.

Do the powers have to be measured for each installation?

Yes. The existing operating powers depend on the installation and the technical features of each door (weight, speed, friction, adjustments), so they have to be checked for each system.

Can I open the driveway gate or some other auxiliary function via the buttons on the Vimar monitor?

Yes, you can use buttons A and C on the monitor to control additional functions. The A-button can control an external 12 VDC or 15 VAC coil relay connected to terminals 4 and 6 of of the 01961 module.The C-button can control an external 12 VDC or 15 VAC coil relay connected to terminals 6 and 7 of of the 01961 module. For the C-button, verify the type of feature enabled (if Self-start is on). For an external relay, you can use ELVOX part no. 170/001.

If there is no maintenance contract, who is responsible for the automatic gate system?

The installer, defined in regulations as the "machine manufacturer", is responsible for ensuring the product's conformity with European Directives. If maintenance is not performed, in the event of a problem which is not due to an installation defect, the owner of the gate is liable for any damage caused by the malfunction.

Is the flashing light obligatory?

No, it is not an obligatory requirement according to current standards. Nevertheless, we would always recommend installing a warning beacon to indicate when a gate is moving.

The automation does not close and the flashing light continues to flash.

The safety devices are active. One or more green diagnostic LEDs indicating the N.C. (normally closed: stop - photocell - partial stop) inputs are off. Check that the connections are correct and that the devices connected to the N.C. inputs function correctly.

Which article replaces the old black radio control with red cover?

The old radio controls with operating frequency at 40 MHz, art. ZT01 (2 channels) and art. ZT02 (4 channels), have been replaced with a single red coloured radio control with black keys art. ET02 (4 channels).

Is it possible to use the 2-channel radio control to activate two automations?

Yes, memorise the first channel on the card of the first automation (left key on the radio control) and the second channel on the card of the second automation (right key of the radio control). On the second automation card connect the second channel output terminals (2CAN - 2CAN) to the control terminals (COM - AP/CH).