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How many 16681 speakers can I connect to a local control module?

You can connect a maximum of 10 speakers for each local module.

How many 16671 local modules part can I install on a system with a power supply?

The system can manage a maximum of 10 local modules per system.

Can the Vimar stereo sound system be connected with speakers other than the 16681 speakers?

No, they can't.

If I wired the 02660 emergency light in "emergency only" (SE) mode, can I vary the operation to "always on" (SA) without having to touch the wiring?

Yes, it is possible if the lamp is configured in the By-me control unit. Just modify the relevant parameters in the control unit.

I wired and set the 02660 lamp in the By-me control unit to "always on" (SA), why does it still only work in "emergency only" (SE) mode?

It is set in the control unit to "emergency only". The parameter set in the By-me system has priority over the wiring configuration. Set it to "always on" in the control unit.

I wired the 02660 emergency light in the "emergency only" (SE) mode, but it only flashes twice and doesn't turn on in a power outage, why?

Check that the 2 switches in the battery compartment are set to ON. Selector 1: Enable the battery (battery ON = enabled, 1 = battery is not enabled). Selector 2: Set the lighting time during a power failure (ON=1 hour at 100% brightness, 1 = 3 hours at 30% brightness).

Can I configure the 02660 emergency light in a scenario?

Yes, you can configure the emergency light in a scenario. Through the normal process of creating scenarios, just include the emergency light group and set it to on or off depending on your requirement.

Where can I find the settings of the 02660 emergency light configured in the By-me system?

Where it is grouped, as with all By-me devices. In the Parameters menu, you can set the operation mode (always lit or emergency) and the functional duration in an emergency (1 or 3 hours - the chosen value automatically determines the light intensity).

How do I reset an 02660 emergency light?

It works like any By-me device. You enter Configuration→Reset Management→Device Reset→hold the configuration button down until the configuration LED turns on and then turns off again.

Can I control the 02660 emergency light with a rocker button if configured in the By-me system?

Yes, you can. You just need to configure the rocker button in the same group as the emergency light. This will allow the switch to control the light; the safety function in the event of a blackout is still preserved in any case.

How should I configure the 02660 emergency lights on a By-me control unit?

The emergency lighting part no. 02660 can be configured on a By-me control unit only if it has an appropriate 01846 interface. You have to create a home automation group → Add Device → press and release the configuration button on the light. At this point, the configuration LED of the light will come on for a few seconds and then turn off again.

Do the 02660 emergency lights have to be included in a By-me system group to work?

No, the 02660 emergency lights can be wired in the traditional way and will function without the intervention of the By-me control unit. The lights only have to be configured in a By-me system group only if you are using the appropriate interface part no.01846.

When should I replace the Vimar Gas Stop detector?

5 years after the date of initial use. For the 01893 and 01894 wall units, you only need to replace the actual sensor after 5 years, using the 01893.G replacement sensors (for LPG) and 01894.M (for natural gas).

Can two or more Gas Stop methane or Gas Stop LPG detectors be connected in parallel to drive a single 16590 solenoid?

Yes, paying careful attention to the polarity of the terminals.

Do Gas Stop detectors have an adjustable threshold?

No. All Vimar gas detectors are calibrated and sealed at the factory according to the values​prescribed by CEI-UNI-CIG 70028 regulations. In the case of false alarms, you must first check if the detector is installed in the correct position and according to the product instruction manual. For detectors that have been installed for some time, check the expiry date written on the front of the unit; it is fixed at 5 years after initial activation. If the date has been exceeded, you need to replace the device (you can replace the sensor in the wall mounted types only, extending the device life for a further 5 years). It is recommended to test the functionality of the device using only the supplied Test Gas canister in order to avoid altering the trigger threshold of the sensor.

What do MASTER controller and SLAVE controller mean?

Using a MASTER dimmer combined with a SLAVE dimmer allows to increase the total load power to be adjusted. The combined use of the two devices is only possible if the load is electrically divisible in order to respect the maximum permissible power on the respective devices.

What is an inductive load?

Inductive loads refer to electromechanical and electronic dimming transformers used to power 12V or 24V lamps.

What is a resistive load?

Resistive loads refer to 230V (mains voltage) incandescent or halogen lamps.

Is it possible to control the load connected to the switch with infrared presence sensor with another switch as well?

Yes, you can.

Where should I install the 16633 Idea and 14181 Plana switches with infrared presence detectors for switching on lights?

Keep them away from heat sources and barriers like plants, furniture or columns; they should not be exposed to direct sunlight or have interior lights shining directly on them; they should be mounted 110 to 130cm above ground level if the installation is flush mounted. For higher installation, they must be installed on an adjustable supports.