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Is it advisable to use a support relay to disconnect the loads controlled by the Energy Management system?

No. On the whole range of relay actuators art.01456 and 14537, dedicated to energy management, the devices are equipped with the “zero crossing” function which improves the management of the disconnection, avoiding electric arc phenomena during relay switching. Moreover, the devices are equipped with a current sensor which, to be able to read the correct data, must be connected directly to the load and not to a support relay coil.


Can the differential current sensor art.01459 be installed on any device which allows the input of a current sensor?

No. The current sensor art.01459 can be installed only in art.01456, which manages it.

If I wish to monitor the consumption values of some household appliances do I always need the load control module 01455?

No. If you only need to measure the consumption of one or more loads, all that is required are articles which support the "current sensor" function, such as 01450, 01456, 01451 and flush mounting actuators 14537. To view and save the data, you will need a touchscreen and/or webserver type supervision device


Article 01455 is used to manage both the consumption and production of the energy system or is it also necessary to install arti

Article 01455 is designed for the inlet of three current sensors. This means that in a single phase system in which the production meter is at a maximum distance of 40 cm from the consumption meter, it is possible to use only art.01455 with two current sensors.
In three-phase systems or single phase systems with a production meter located in another room or at a distance of more than 40 cm, in addition to the load control module art.01455, you will also need meter art.01450.

Nei parametri dei misuratori sono presenti le seguenti voci: durata rinfresco misura, frequenza rinfresco misura. A cosa si r

Entrambe le voci si riferiscono alla possibilità di visualizzare il valore indicato nel misuratore in oggetto. Questo può avvenire sia da centrale che da uno dei dispositivi di visualizzazione (touchscreen). Dopo una pressione prolungata del misuratore, comparirà per un certo periodo il valore “durata rinfresco misura” e con una certa frequenza il valore “frequenza rinfresco misura”.

What to do if the displayed consumption and production data are incorrect?

First you need to check the various system coil connections are installed correctly: their label must always be facing the meter that is to be read.
Second, check the accuracy of the calibration values ​​entered in the "Sensor Setting/Calibration" menu.