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No. On the whole range of relay actuators art.01456 and 14537, dedicated to energy management, the devices are equipped with the “zero crossing” function which improves the management of the disconnection, avoiding electric arc phenomena during relay switching. Moreover, the devices are equipped with a current sensor which, to be able to read the correct data, must be connected directly to the load and not to a support relay coil.


No. The current sensor art.01459 can be installed only in art.01456, which manages it.

No. If you only need to measure the consumption of one or more loads, all that is required are articles which support the "current sensor" function, such as 01450, 01456, 01451 and flush mounting actuators 14537. To view and save the data, you will need a touchscreen and/or webserver type supervision device


Article 01455 is designed for the inlet of three current sensors. This means that in a single phase system in which the production meter is at a maximum distance of 40 cm from the consumption meter, it is possible to use only art.01455 with two current sensors.
In three-phase systems or single phase systems with a production meter located in another room or at a distance of more than 40 cm, in addition to the load control module art.01455, you will also need meter art.01450.

Entrambe le voci si riferiscono alla possibilità di visualizzare il valore indicato nel misuratore in oggetto. Questo può avvenire sia da centrale che da uno dei dispositivi di visualizzazione (touchscreen). Dopo una pressione prolungata del misuratore, comparirà per un certo periodo il valore “durata rinfresco misura” e con una certa frequenza il valore “frequenza rinfresco misura”.

First you need to check the various system coil connections are installed correctly: their label must always be facing the meter that is to be read.
Second, check the accuracy of the calibration values ​​entered in the "Sensor Setting/Calibration" menu.

The WebServer allows complete supervision of all By-me home automation devices (lights, actuators, controllers, shutters, scenarios, climate control) and management of the By-me system burglar alarm (on/off, status, partial activation). In addition, the WebServer can configure up to eight IP cameras (Axis, Mobotix, generic cameras operating an RTSP stream) making them accessible on the web.

No, the WebServer is configured through any Pc with Google Chrome browser (ver. 14 or higher); the connection is made through a LAN or directly to the device using a cross cable. However, the EasyTool Professional software is necessary for importing the database from the By-me control panel and then for creating the .xml file for WebServer.

No, this device must be connected to the home automation BUS line and configured in a group with the sound system menu.

Item 01904 is a shunt branch for the sound system which allows you to create an additional branch to the principal line if required.

A system can manage up to 32 devices.

Yes, devices at the ends of sound system branches must be terminated via the special termination jumpers present on every device.

The cable for this system is part no. 01840.B.

Yes, it is possible to combine amplifier 01901 to speakers 20587.

Yes, it is possible to combine amplifier 20581 to speakers 20588.

The 20580 power supply can power the flush mounted amplifier part no. 20581 without burdening the main BUS 01801 power supply.

No, every zone is managed by a single amplifier.

The maximum number of sources permitted in the system is 4.

Yes, if an audio zone is included in a scenario, the system activates the area with the preset volume and station when the scenario is called.

The "Sleep" function, programmable on the 20581 controls, allows the system to turn off automatically after a time set by the user.

The sound system can activate particular audio zones at specific time and, as with any common alarm clock, you can press an icon which temporarily turns off (about 8min) the audio, resuming normally afterwards. This function is only available on 3 and 4+4 module Touch pad.

The dedicated "BUS" terminal on the amplifiers can connect up to 3 By-me home automation devices .

There is a "BUS" terminal on this devices dedicated to the creation of a small home automation branch with a maximum of 10 By-me devices.

The maximum distance between the speaker and amplifier depends on the cable section used. With a 1.5 mm cable, the distance can be up to 30 m, while the maximum distance drops to 10 m for a 1 mm cable.

The maximum distance between the speaker and amplifier depends on the cable section used. With a 1.5 mm cable, the distance can be up to 30 m, while the maximum distance drops to 10 m for a 1 mm cable.

Yes, in this case you must terminate the unused amplifier channel with a 100 Ohm 1Watt resistance.

No, sound devices require in-out type wiring. The SAI and home automation devices do not require a particular topological structure.

No, the device is required to ensure the transmission of the audio data.

Yes, you can bind the same partition to multiple activation devices so that you can control it from several points associated to zones in the system.

It is only and exclusively possible in the case where there is a burglar alarm system line and thermostats used in centralized mode are not installed.

No, the button LED will go off after 3 seconds of pressing the button, and it can't be set differently.

For connections, use the sheathed twisted pair Vimar part no. 01840 (2x0.5mm², rated insulation voltage 300/500 V, WITHOUT SHOES). If you are not using a suitable cable with the same electrical characteristics, you will very likely encounter several different and serious malfunctions, both during configuration and normal management of the system.

Yes, you need to respect the polarity when wiring

Set Threshold-1 equal to the rated power of the counter contract, plus 10%. Set Threshold-2 equal to Threshold-1 plus 20% of the same Threshold-1. Set the Threshold Time to 90 minutes. For a 3KW contract therefore it will be Threshold-1=3.3KW, Threshold-2=4KW, Threshold Time=90 min. However, the values​must always be verified according to the conditions stated by the service provider.

It is also possible to define the priority of disconnection the configured loads (Max 16) or decide to always leave them On or Off (forcing). All of these parameters can be set by the By-me control panel in the Setup menu in the "Load Control" section as well as the override mode that can be automatic or manual.