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Yes. The corridor display can be configured to display a sequence of images. For all the details see the instruction manual.

Yes, they can be customised following the steps given in the instruction manual.

Yes, it is possible. This will however lose the ID position of a call lead disconnection. Warning: it is not possible to connect more than two reassurance leds in parallel.

Inputs and outputs are independently settable according to the required function but they must all be configured in the same ward.

Yes, the new display modules are compatible with existing systems, taking a few precautions with the wiring and configuration.


The LED light (article 02084) can be installed on surface and flush mounting in a 3-module box (article V71303).

The lack of ADL does not compromise the basic call functions, the but the operation of the system without ADL is not recommended. Without the ADL EF device the system will not comply with the VDE regulation. In Call Way systems without ADL EF, the yellow led on the display modules will flash to indicate the lack of communication with the line coupler (article 02094).

Yes, but using the new software, version 2.5

Article 02094 is configured using the network connection and software such as “Device Installer” by Lantronix.