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Can the corridor display (article 02097.1) display advertising images?

Yes. The corridor display can be configured to display a sequence of images. For all the details see the instruction manual.

Can I customise the corridor display (article 02097.1) with the ward names?

Yes, they can be customised following the steps given in the instruction manual.

Can I place 2 or more room devices (NC contacts) in series on an MDV or MCS 8 input?

Yes, it is possible. This will however lose the ID position of a call lead disconnection. Warning: it is not possible to connect more than two reassurance leds in parallel.

Are there any rules to comply with for the installation and programming of 8-channel MCS modules, article 02096?

Inputs and outputs are independently settable according to the required function but they must all be configured in the same ward.

Can I replace an MD with the new antibacterial MD?

Yes, the new display modules are compatible with existing systems, taking a few precautions with the wiring and configuration.


What do I need to install the new warning light assembly (article 02084)?

The LED light (article 02084) can be installed on surface and flush mounting in a 3-module box (article V71303).

Can I have a Call-way system without ADL EF (article 02094)?

The lack of ADL does not compromise the basic call functions, the but the operation of the system without ADL is not recommended. Without the ADL EF device the system will not comply with the VDE regulation. In Call Way systems without ADL EF, the yellow led on the display modules will flash to indicate the lack of communication with the line coupler (article 02094).

Can I use an RS232/USB adapter to connect the 02091 protocol converter?

No, there is no guarantee that it will function, we recommended using a PCMCI card with RS232 output for these purposes.

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If the modules on an ON-LINE or VDE system shows the room number instead of the time, is it correct?

This indicates a communication problem between the Display Module and the PC, so check if the PC is running (with the program started) and that all the terminals are connected correctly on the deployed modules.

During the system self-recognition process, some modules are not seen by the program.

Check the correct connection (input-output) across all Display Modules, remember that the system does not work in star or in parallel connection formats. Also verify that the data line of each line is open, i.e., terminating on the last Display Module and not in a closed loop.

What support relay do I need to link light controls operated from a keypad?

It is possible to connect up to two relays for each keypad. The relay should be chosen according to the load to be controlled, the only advice is to use a relay with a 24 V coil.

What kind of cable should I use for the connection of the call buttons and door lights to the module?

Telephone cable, multi pair cable, UTP cable cat.3, SELV cable with 0.50 mm² (Ø = 0.8 mm) section. Maximum load for external lights 3 x 250 mA Maximum, 3x3W/24VDC.

Can I connect multiple call buttons in parallel on the same input on the module?

Yes. No more than 2 call buttons per input due to the consumption of the assurance indicator lights on the devices.

In an ON-LINE system, if a voice call to mobile, DECT or paging device is required, what devices will I need?

You need at least one Telephone Coupler, part no. 02093 in the system. The system is only compatible with DECT and Paging systems that use the transmission protocol ESPA 4.4.4.

Is there a buzzer on the Display Modules that sounds when there is a call?

Yes. All Display Modules are equipped with a buzzer.

How many calls can be viewed on the DM?

The maximum number of events recordable on a Display Module is 5. In OFF-LINE mode, successive events appear only when at least one of the previous 5 has been serviced. In ON-LINE mode, all the events are visible on Call-way management software, while the DM shows only the first 5 events not yet serviced. If a higher priority arrives in On-LINE mode, it is displayed first (the other calls are not lost, however).

If I install a system in ON-LINE mode, how many cables do I need?

In this mode, you need a power cable and a sheathed pair FTP 5e for data transmission, a sheathed pair FTP 5e for voice (if applicable) and a sheathed pair FTP 5e for announcement/music channel (if applicable)

If I install a system in OFF-LINE mode, how many cables do I need?

You need a power cable and a sheathed pair FTP 5e for data transmission.

What kind of cable should I use for connecting to the display to the main BUS line?

A twisted pair Cat. FTP cable. 5e scheme for data, and if it also has voice coms, 2 pairs of another Cat. FTP cable 5e screen for Voice and Announcements. Alternatively, you can use a single cable type S/STP Cat.5e (4 twisted pairs individually sheathed). Power on a separate 2 x 2.5 mm² cable.