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I can't access my WebServer remotely. What should I check?

To access the WebServer remotely, you need to to correctly configure the NAT in the Router. Remember that the WebServer uses an HTTPS protocol, so you must open port 443 in the router.

What can I manage in the By-me system from the WebServer?

The WebServer allows complete supervision of all By-me home automation devices (lights, actuators, controllers, shutters, scenarios, climate control) and management of the By-me system burglar alarm (on/off, status, partial activation). In addition, the WebServer can configure up to eight IP cameras (Axis, Mobotix, generic cameras operating an RTSP stream) making them accessible on the web.

Is the EasyTool Professional software needed to configure the WebServer?

No, the WebServer is configured through any Pc with Google Chrome browser (ver. 14 or higher); the connection is made through a LAN or directly to the device using a cross cable. However, the EasyTool Professional software is necessary for importing the database from the By-me control panel and then for creating the .xml file for WebServer.