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It is only and exclusively possible in the case where there is a burglar alarm system line and thermostats used in centralized mode are not installed.

No, the button LED will go off after 3 seconds of pressing the button, and it can't be set differently.

For connections, use the sheathed twisted pair Vimar part no. 01840 (2x0.5mm², rated insulation voltage 300/500 V, WITHOUT SHOES). If you are not using a suitable cable with the same electrical characteristics, you will very likely encounter several different and serious malfunctions, both during configuration and normal management of the system.

Yes, you need to respect the polarity when wiring

Set Threshold-1 equal to the rated power of the counter contract, plus 10%. Set Threshold-2 equal to Threshold-1 plus 20% of the same Threshold-1. Set the Threshold Time to 90 minutes. For a 3KW contract therefore it will be Threshold-1=3.3KW, Threshold-2=4KW, Threshold Time=90 min. However, the values​must always be verified according to the conditions stated by the service provider.

It is also possible to define the priority of disconnection the configured loads (Max 16) or decide to always leave them On or Off (forcing). All of these parameters can be set by the By-me control panel in the Setup menu in the "Load Control" section as well as the override mode that can be automatic or manual.