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I cannot configure the By-Phone App to work with product 01913

Simplified guide to configuring the By-Phone app (for managing product 01913) 

Install the By-Phone app.
After starting the App, select "New Communicator" at the top right in the yellow bar. In the case of modifications to an existing project, click below in the "Settings" icon.
For the "Name" write the name of the system (eg. "Mountain Home") and then confirm with "Next" (at the bottom right of the keypad).
Under "GSM Class" click on Edit and, from the list, select article 01913.
Set the "Language".
Under "Phone number": set the mobile phone number of the SIM in the Vimar product and confirm with the "Next" button at the bottom right (Caution: If the customer is abroad and the SIM is Italian, enter the full number complete with the international prefix 0039...).
Under "User Code" enter "1234" (default lock code of the Vimar product, if changed enter the chosen code) and confirm with "Next" (bottom right).
Under "Confirm user code" perform the same operation as in the previous step and press "Save" (bottom right).
Leave the other two settings "Protected access" and "Configure remaining credit" "Off". However, if you want to activate the remaining credit you should set the telephone operator further below.
Move to the top right of the screen and select "Save", confirm when the pop-up appears.
Now it remains to define the functions managed by the GSM product:

Select the "Back" button of the SmartPhone (usually at bottom left, outside the display).
A list of the configured systems will be displayed. Select the newly created system (eg. "Mountain Home").
In the new window you will see the item "Name". Give a name to the device you want to manage (eg. "Lounge HVAC") and then click on "Next" (bottom right).
Under "Type" click on the "Edit" button and select "HVAC", the suggested icon will automatically become the symbol of a thermometer.
Under "GSM Identifier" write "C1" and confirm with SAVE (bottom right).
To conclude and save all the data you have entered, click on "Save" in the yellow bar (top right) and confirm when the pop-up appears.
Functional test: 

Launch the By-web App, the "Mountain Home” item will appear, and select the desired system.
Click on "HVAC" (bottom right)
NB: Next to the icon will appear "On/Off", it does not work for 01913 thermostats.
Choose the command to send to 01913 (status, off, automatic, etc.).
An SMS will be sent with the requested function.
Make sure the device in the field changes operating status (normally within one minute). 

When I send a command to my GSM/Clima-phone, it returns a "Command Error" message. What could be the cause?

This type of error can be caused by: The "GSM Identification" entry in the "Device Configuration" phase was not correctly completed. For example, when you are configuring the device which will control climate zone 1 stored in the communicator. You should enter "C1" for "GSM Identification". If I leave only "C", the communicator will obviously return an error, since it receives an instruction for a "device" that is not expected. The By-Phone is set up correctly, but the communicator has not been configured, at least for that function. For example, the "device" on the By-Phone application is configured correctly (the correct user code [e.g.,. 1234], the correct GSM identifier [e.g., C1] and mobile number) but no climate zone has been registered on the communicator (you did not run communicator configuration with EasyTool or send the SMS command for automatic climate zone acquisition from the control unit to the communicator).

My phone is on the list of compatible devices, but after I downloaded and installed the application, it returns an "OutOfMemoryError" message when I try to run it. How can I fix it?

The phone does reserve enough memory to enable graphics support for the program. You need to install the light version of By-phone, which uses text instead of icons. The light version can be supplied by calling the toll free number 800 862 307.