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Is it possible to obtain a summary of all possible SMS for the 01913, both for configuration and use?

Yes, just download the PDF "Command messages for 01913".

What happens when the batteries are connected the wrong way or if they are not present?

The display shows 2 flashing icons: the "battery" symbol and a "warning" symbol, the latter represented by a triangle with an exclamation mark inside. The flashing will persist until the situation is rectified with both batteries charged and inserted correctly. As long as this situation of misplaced/missing batteries persists, Clima-phone part no. 01913 will continue to perform all of its functions, however, in case of a power outage, it will shut down immediately, disabling the outputs (relays and auxiliary output).

What happens after a power failure and batteries have run out?

During a power outage, the 01913 timer-thermostat initially maintains full operation (with GSM module functional) for about two hours if the batteries are fully charged. During this period, the display will show the "battery" symbol (which does not indicate the charge remaining on the batteries). When the batteries finally drop to a charge level that cannot ensure the proper functioning of the GSM, the GSM module is turned off and the outputs (relay and auxiliary output) are deactivated. To warn of this impending event, the whole display starts flashing a few minutes prior to its implementation. If the mains power does not return, the 01913 timer-thermostat continues to display the room temperature and time for about an hour before switching off completely. The times are approximate, since some operating conditions (GSM signal level, relay activation ...) may affect actual consumption of the 01913 timer-thermostat and thus the duration of the batteries. In any case, all settings are kept even when the thermostat switches off completely (the data is saved in non volatile memory) and the time setting remains for a few days. When the mains voltage returns, the device automatically resumes correct function, applying the settings and configurations prior to the power failure.

Is it possible to insert an external antenna on the 01913 Clima-phone to increase reception?

No, you can't add an external antenna.

Does the Clima-phone part no. 01913 have a voice menu?

No, the Clima-phone can be configured, controlled and queried only via SMS or via EasyTool software version 2.0 or higher (with 01998.S interface).