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How do I reset a reader?

For safety reasons, this procedure is not found in the manuals. Contact the Vimar number 0424 488500 and you will be given specific instructions for the type of product installed.

I purchased the 16452 Smart cards, but they do not accept the settings on the installed readers.

Smart card 16451 or 16453 type readers are not compatible (the code remains unchanged). When ordering, make sure that you specify that the cards are for 16451 or 16453 readers.

Can I act on multiple readers with the same slave key?

Yes, without limit.

How many master keys can I have for a transponder reader?

You can have up to 4 master keys. These will enable the acquisition of the respective actuator and configuration of the slave keys.

How many slave keys can I configure in a transponder reader?

Up to 50.

Can I manage 1 actuator with multiple readers?

Yes, you can.

Can I manage 2 actuators with a single BUS reader?

No, it is not possible

How do I set up the line that powers the BUS smart card readers?

It is necessary to use the 01400 or 01401 power supply (based on the total absorption count) as they are provided with Bus line output.

Can I define the time delay of the actuator?

Yes, directly from the trimmer in the actuator or by using software mode with the programmer.

Can I use the same coded card to open the door and enable the users?

Yes, because it is a standard ISO card.

What equipment is always necessary to install an Access Control System via BUS?

An 01800 BUS power supply and an 01400 o 01401, plus the cable for BUS system (twisted pair 01840) are always required.

What is the difference between the residential/commercial and hotel functionality?

For residential/commercial installations, function is possible with or without a master card and you can manage multiple addresses (with the same card you can operate multiple accesses), while management with a master card is required for hotels.

How can I differentiate between residential, commercial and hotel us in access control?

To differentiate between residential, commercial and hotel use for access control, just set the dip switches of the device.