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Does the Well-Contact (ehotel) software work with Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7?

The Well-Contact (ehotel) software work with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 8 , 8.1 e 10.

Minimum characteristics required for the PC:

Each Well-contact Suite software has specific PC minimum requirements. It is possible to retrieve the required requirements from the PC in the "installer manual" available for each software item.

Can I interface the Well-Contact software with other systems in hotels like management, climate control, etc.?

The Well-Contact software can interface with some systems in the hotel industry. For more details on which software, and the procedures to follow for integration, please contact our number 0424 488500.

I can't create the smart cards.

In these cases, you should restart the PC.

Can a system have multiple reception locations?

Yes. You need to purchase a "Client" package in addition to the main software for each additional work centre. (max one Client for Light and Basic version)

Where can I download the VD file for programming Well-Contact devices with ETS?

Directly from our website under Software.

What can I control with the actuators located on the devices?

In the external transponder reader, the internal transponder reader and the thermostat, you can control a maximum load of 24V, 2A (see instruction sheets). While for the Input/Output module, the relays control a maximum 240V, 16A (see instruction sheets).

How many actuators do I need for managing a three-speed fan coil unit?

You need to install a simple actuator for each speed, so there should be 3 relay actuators available in the system, one for each speed of the fan coil.

Can the products be installed outside?

No. The devices are for internal use with operating temperature ranges between +5 °C / +45 °C.

Where can I find the technical characteristics of individual devices?

It is possible to download the instruction sheet and programming manual of each Well-Contact Plus device directly from the site in the Products/Online Catalogues section entering the code of the desired article.

If I have to install a system, how can I have the system commissioned?

After purchasing the equipment, an experienced programmer (Service Provider) is required for the commissioning of the system and the installation/configuration of the software on the PC.

Does purchase of the Well-Contact products need special Software for programming and operation?

Yes. For the programming of the products you need the ETS software used for all standard KNX devices. While for the creation of the smart cards and system supervision, the Software Well-contact Suite.

What kind of additional power is accepted by the devices.

The supply must be 12 VAC/VDC.

Can I use the second pair of the BUS cable to bring additional power to the devices?

Yes. It is preferable, however, to run a separate cable in case you also need to manage the power for the electric locks.

Do the devices require the connection of a BUS cable only?

No. The external and internal pocket readers require an additional power supply.

What kind of facility is the system recommended for?

For all complex systems where supervision of multiple functions and full access management is required, such as hotels, gyms, etc..