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No, individuals cannot. Our products are distributed through an extensive network of electrical equipment wholesalers and in major supermarket chain outlets.

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You can't find the system manual for ONDARADIO in the catalogue?

The system is no longer produced, but you can download the PDF of the system manual.

Burglar alarm control unit with LED (discontinued since 2001)

Manual for the old SAI system control unit

For what topics and at what times can I call the Vimar number 0424 488500?

The services offered are: explanations for installing and wiring products, technical/commercial information, warnings and advice regarding technical requirements involving installation. The service is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m, Fridays until 5:00 p.m.

On the 16440 Idea and 14394 Plana emergency lighting fitting, the green LED occasionally flashes, is this normal?

Yes, the operation of this device is such that the green LED flashes for about three minutes every hour to indicate that rapid battery recharging is in progress, in order to maintain the maximum degree of efficiency.

Can speakers other than the 16681 be linked to the Idea stereo sound system?

No, they can't.

What does the 8000 series special module mean?

In order to increase the modularity of the 8000 series, some devices have been produced in a 25x45 format (slightly larger than the standard module). These devices are installed on suitable special mounting supports (3, 4 or 5 modules) with associated plaques. Some examples of special module items include: gas detectors, thermostats, interlocked sockets, EDP sockets, portable electronic torches, UNIVERSAL SECURITY plugs and P30 outlets. The use of the special module items does not completely exclude the choice of functions available with standard modules, they can in fact be combined using the 08491 adapter on the same mounting support in special module enclosures IP40 and IP55 for the 8000 series.

Do the Vimar control units with keys all have the same key?

No. Each pair of keys provided has an engraved number that indicates its correspondence with the code engraved on the lock. If you need to make duplicates, you must request neutral keys from Vimar and make a copy at any hardware store. Vimar also provides controls with keys coded "000" in order to operate multiple controls with the same key: these items are shown in the catalogue with the suffix ".CU".

What is the difference between the circuit breakers and the Vimar SCUDO surge protector?

The circuit breakers protect downstream circuits and loads from overcurrents and short-circuits. The SHIELD surge suppressor protects downstream equipment from voltage spikes on the network caused by the opening and closing of heavy loads, or by lightning.

How can I illuminate inverters, switches and buttons of the Plana series so that they are lit and visible in the dark, and not illuminated in the presence of ambient light?

With a 00931 pre-wired signalling unit which illuminates devices in the dark without the need for any extra connections. Illumination units provided with cables (e.g., 10493) illuminate devices which can accommodate them or signal the operating status of the associated loads.

Can the new plugs with two outputs be defined as "demix"?

No, the outputs are equivalent, excluding the remote power supply which is only available through the female connector.

Are TV sockets with female connectors still available?

Not any more, as of 1st December 1999, the CEI EN 50083 stipulates that outputs for TV connections like IEC 169-2 must be male. In the IEC 169-2 connector types with two outputs, the female connector is for the RF output. Alternatively, IEC 169-24 Type F female connectors can be used.

Is it possible to connect the 01941 GSM dialler to the control unit?

Yes, using the 01751 relay board.

Is it possible to set a delay in any zone of​the control unit?

No, you can only select a delay for devices allocated to zones 1 and 3.

How many and how long are the cycles of alarm sirens?

The cycle is unique for each alarm cycle for both for the internal and external sirens; the duration can be set through the control unit (120-250s). Use a jumper to limit the duration of the sound of the outdoor siren to 30s.

When automatic partitioning is active, which areas are excluded?

Zones 3 and 4.

Why, when querying the status of the system from the keypad, the LEDs start lighting up cyclically without giving a correct answer?

There might be communication problems between the control unit and keyboard, the solution could be to bring the keypad closer to the control unit or reconfigure the device.

Why don't the keypad LEDs light up to indicate the status of the system (Armed/Disarmed/Partially Armed)?

The "status" function has not been activated or acquisition of the keypad has not been performed correctly and completely (communication acquisition and tampering function).

Why does the siren continue to sound after pressing the TEST button?

The test button wasn't held down for long enough, press and hold the TEST button for a longer period.

Why doesn't the siren sound when I press the TEST button of the control unit?

There are alarms present in the memory. Find the cause that is generating the alarm (LED status of the control unit) and then proceed with system reset.

What is the procedure for acquiring a sensor in an area other than the one already assigned?

Proceed to acquire the sensor and the control unit will give the option of assigning the registered sensor to another area at the end of the process. The device is then automatically moved to the new area.

Why can't I get the the control unit to acquire / delete a device while it emits strange sounds?

Dip-switch 1 of the control unit is not in the correct position: the operation is only possible if it is in the OFF position. If it is in the ON position, it means that you have activated the anti-scanning function.

Why is it that when arming and disarming the control unit, it emits different tones to the usual ones when switching on and off?

Check the event log for any alarm signals.

Why does the control unit alarm sound when the system is disarmed?

This signal indicates an attempt to tamper with one of the devices of the system or the control unit itself. Check the event log to identify the zone that caused the alarm.

What should I do when the magnetic contact no longer detect?

Check to see if upon opening the contact, the LED lights up. Otherwise: - Check that the sensor has been properly registered by the control unit - Check the condition of the batteries - Check the distance/RF coverage between control unit and sensor.

Why is the IR sensor emitting a continuous whistling sound?

The whistling indicates that you need to replace the batteries. When you hear a signal like this, it's a good idea to check the batteries of all the components in the system.

Why doesn't the red LED on the 01761 IR sensor turn on?

It is normal if it is not in test phase. If you want to have a light signal during detection, use the 01760 detector.

Why does the IR detector sometimes not detect and seem locked?

To save battery life RF IR detectors are rested for 3-4 minutes after a detection. You must then wait 3-4 minutes before the device can send a new alarm message. This also happens when you turn on the system, so for the first 3-4 minutes, IR detectors do not send any signal.

What should I do when the IR detector does not detect anything?

- Check that the detector has been properly acquired by the control unit - Check the condition of the batteries - Check the distance/RF coverage between control unit and detector.