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Is it possibly to deploy the number of internal stations later?

Yes, you can simply work from the pillar without having to wire additional cables to the power supply.

Is it possible to show a "User Away" message on the outdoor station?

No, this feature is not supported.

I have a By-me control unit with a colour display, can it work on a video intercom system that is not ELVOX?

No, the By-me system is only compatible with various video intercom technologies provided by the company ELVOX (Sound System, DigiBUS, "Due-Fili" (two wires) and CCTV).

What should I do if I want a By-me control unit to function as a video intercom?

The By-me control unit can function as either a control unit for home automation+SAI burglar alarm, or as a simple video intercom monitor (only on ELVOX video intercom systems), and with both functions, depending on whether the electronic board to manage one or the other function is purchased, or both are purchased and applied to the display. For the By-me wall-mounted unit (not the flush-mounted unit) the monitor already has one of either boards, or both boards (according to the part number, i.e., 01950, 01951, etc.).