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Can I use EasyTool Professional to configure a system that doesn't have a control unit?

Yes, the software replaces the control unit as the system programmer.

I need to distribute a home automation system along multiple lines. Which line should I connect to with the software to perform

The software must configure the system as the control unit would, so it is a good idea to connect the interface to the BUS of the same line as the main control unit. The line you need to connect the interface to is generally the main backbone line of the system, which gives you access to all the secondary lines as well.

If I use EasyTool Professional to configure a system that includes a burglar alarm line and a home automation line (climate control, Event and Scenario management), can I do it without installing the

No, the control unit is necessary because the By-me system can't function without it. In the burglar alarm line, the control unit manages all the control and event logging functions, while for the home automation line, the control unit is essential for scheduling climate zones and events.

What is the name of the serial port on the computer which is used to exchange data with mobile devices or cell phones?

The name of the serial port depends on the computer and the operating system used. For computers with Windows operating system, the serial ports are named with a number (1,2,3,...), whereas normally for computers running Linux, serial ports are named ttyS with a number (0,1,2,...). Users with the Windows system can find the names assigned to serial ports in: Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Ports (COM LPT).