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Can the new Touch screens and Full Flat Video Touch screens only be installed with EikonEvo series plaques?

Yes, the compatibility between new products and plaques is limited to the EikonEvo series.

I purchased an EikonEvo support module, can I install a plaque from the Eikon series?

No, each series has its own support module with corresponding plaques.

I purchased an Eikon support module, can I install a plaque from the EikonEvo series?

No, each series has its own support module with corresponding plaques.

Where can I see the plaques for the Idea series?

All the plaqueses in the Vimar domestic series can be displayed at Fai il punto. At this site you can add the colour of your walls and choose the colour combination that best suits your tastes.

Are the plaques of the Plana series only available in technopolymer?

No, in addition to technopolymer, they are available in: Reflex polymer (obtained by co-moulding a coloured base and a transparent surface coating), natural wood (maple, pear and cherry) and metal.

Are the Idea Rondo plaques compatible with the devices and mounting supports of the Idea Classic plaques?

The Idea series has devices and mounting supports that can be completed with both Classic plaques and Rondo plaques. The Rondo plaques are not compatible with the following parts (thus require Classic plaques):-16803 and 16806 table mounting box-16813 mounting bracket-09975.A surface mounting box-16570.SZ and 16570.SZ.B mounting support for infrared remote control.

Are there 5-module plaques In the idea series?

Yes, in the following range of materials and finishes: glossy or SILK technopolymer in basic colours, satin, wood. This is because 5-modules plaques are only used in special applications. For units requiring more than 3 modules, we suggest using the 4- or 6-module plaques available in the full range of materials and finishes.

What is the difference between technopolymer and cast metal plaques?

The first are made of plastic with special moulding processes and come in various finishes: glossy, matte SILK soft-touch, satin, wood. The latter are in die-cast metal alloys worked with special technologies and with paint or galvanic deposition surface-finish treatments.