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Does the 01941 GSM communicator have backup power in the event of a power failure?

Yes, the communicator is equipped with 3 AA batteries that allow you to manage remote communication for about 24 hours (see situation type). It is advisable to use the same type of batteries but with higher capacity (2400 mAh) for the Clima-phone system.

Can I control the timer-thermostat/thermostat with the 01942 GSM communicator?

No, you can't use the 01942 GSM communicator to manage a Clima-phone system.

The thermostat does not display the icon for the recognition of the bidirectional RF base.

The timer-thermostat does not recognize the RF base. Verify the connection with the 01930 RF base and the integrity of the connector contact points. Reset the timer-thermostat and the two-way RF base and reconnect the base to the timer.

I can't remotely turn off the timer connected via cable to the GSM communicator (no RF system).

Check the software version of the timer by pressing the "thermometer" and "0h" buttons for about 3 seconds, if it is not an up to date version, it does not allow you to perform both ON and OFF operations, only ON.

I'm not getting SMS confirmation when I attempt to control or query the system.

Check the SIM credit and the reception of the communicator.

In the event of a fault or malfunction, what is the first test to be performed?

We recommend that you configure the devices while they are close together and perform the reset and configuration procedure before proceeding with the replacement of a device.

Do I lose my configuration if I remove power to a device?

No, you do not lose the configuration data. To reset a device, you must follow the appropriate procedure.

What should I pay particular attention to when I am configuring the system?

Configuration must be performed by keeping the devices close together (2-3 meters) without interposing any obstacle between them.

In case of low signal, can I improve the signal on unidirectional RF actuators 01923 and 01924?

Yes, to improve reception, you can apply a rigid 17 cm wire to the relevant terminal or apply a 433Mhz antenna connected via coaxial cable.

Can a timer-thermostat 01910 with RF base 01930 manage an RF actuator 01923 or 01924?

No, it can only manage two-way RF actuators 01933 or 01934.

Can I integrate a 01915 thermostat in a bidirectional system?

No, the 01915 thermostat does not have a two-way RF base,it can only be integrated in a unidirectional system (see transmission module part 01921).

Can I manage unidirectional devices with the 01931 interface?

No, the system requires two-way RF equipment.

Can I use the 01933 and 01934 two-way RF actuators in place of the 01923 or 01924 1-way RF actuators without using the 01930 2-way RF base?

No, they have different operating frequencies and are conceptually different.

With 2 01910 timer-thermostats, if I choose the unidirectional RF control, which additional devices would I need?

An 01921 transmitter module for each timer-thermostat and an 01924 RF actuator.

How many 01910 timer-thermostats can I control via telephone through a 01491 GSM communicator equipped with an 01931 RF communication interface?

8 maximum.

Can I control a single 01923 or 01924 RF actuator with multiple 01910 timer-thermostats?


Can I control multiple 01923 or 01924 RF actuators with an 01910 timer-thermostat?


Are low battery levels on the RF base signalled?

A flashing battery icon appears on the display of the timer-thermostat and, if the 01941 GSM communicator is connected, an SMS message is sent.

Is an antenna required on the 01923-01924 RF actuator/receiver?

Yes, otherwise the RF coverage would not be satisfactory.

What is the coverage between timer-thermostat and an 01923-01924 RF actuator/receiver?

120 meters in the open. To increase the range you can use an additional actuator acting as a "repeater".

When should I use the bidirectional system rather than the unidirectional system?

In case you want to monitor the status of the system (via the 01941 GSM dialler) and manage the 01910 timer-thermostat via phone (SMS or voice menu).

When should I use the RF system to control a boiler?

In cases where a suitable conduit is missing and you do not want to perforate the walls to pass the control cable between the timer-thermostat (or thermostat) and the boiler.