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If I reset the 01942 communicator, do I lose the interface settings in the control unit?

No, resetting the communicator does not remove or reset the interface in the control unit.

If I reset the BUS interface for the 01942 GSM communicator, do I lose all the settings made on the communicator like the numbers in the phone book or text and voice message associations?

No, resetting BUS interface of the communicator does not overwrite current settings with the factory default settings of the communicator.

Does the 01942 communicator only respond only to the numbers configured in the phone book?

No, it responds directly to the number from which a command or query was sent.

How many numbers can the 01942 redirect to?

You can redirect to to a single number in the directory.

Can I receive SMS messages known as "non command" over the 01942 communicator?

Yes, you have to set up message redirection with the carrier.

Can I configure the 01942 communicator via SMS messages and make a backup via the EasyTool Professional LT software?

Yes, configurations can be set via SMS via the EasyTool Professional software. You can also create a backup of the new settings with the same software.

I finished the credit on the SIM card and the 01942 communicator does not respond after a series of alarm events.

Extract the SIM from the communicator, insert it into a cell phone and check the Inbox and Outbox messages, or call the telephone company and request deletion of the queued messages. Disconnect and reconnect power to the communicator. Note: We recommend using a SIM with a contract.

When I acquire the system, which ID number should I assign to the control unit in the 01942 communicator?

When acquiring the system, the By-me control unit identifier is strictly "170". While in the case of the Convimar control unit, the identifier must be "1".

When should I use automatic enlisting of scenarios or climate zones and when should I do it manually with 01942?

Use automatic enlisting when you have to manage all the scenarios or all climate zones present in the control unit, while if you only want to enlist a part of these, you can use manual enlisting.

Can I call up Events remotely with the 01942?

Not directly because you can't acquire them, but if the Event has a group or scenario as its input, it can be activated via these inputs.

I can't configure the scenarios with the 01942.

For the By-me control unit:Scenarios>Setup>Scenarios Management–enable "Remote activation" (set the value to "Yes"). For the Convimar control unit:Scenarios>Scenario>Edit>Remote Access – enable.

I can't configure the groups monitor with 01942.

Verify that the group in question has been selected in the control unit menu: Setup> Setup Communicator Interface>Monitor groups. For a Convimar control unit: Setup>Interfaces>Monitor groups. Then you have to provide the communicator with the data relating to the group you want to manage:the index number you will use to identify the group on the communicator;the address of the control unit where the group is configured,and the index number of the group on the control unit.

Can I change the default user code of the 01942 GSM communicator?

Yes, you can change it via text message or specific PC software (Toolbox or EasyTool). The code must be between a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 digits.

How can I stop the voice call alerts from the 01942 GSM communicator?

To stop the voice call alert, you have to answer the call and enter the user code followed by #.

If I have a By-me system complete with home automation and alarm system, which BUS must the 01942 GSM communicator be connected to?

Connect BUS 1 of the alarm to manage the system.

The 01942 GSM communicator does not respond or I get a recorded message.

Check the SIM: The PIN and answering service must be disabled. Note: The 01942 communicator, unlike the 01941 communicator, does not have DTMF tone menus with recorded vocal guides. In any case, if it receives a "voice" call, it answers the phone without emitting any sound.

Can I extend the antenna cable of the 01942?

Yes, but take into account the attenuation relating to the length. The operation is not recommended.

Does the 01942 GSM communicator have backup power in the event of a power failure?

Yes, the communicator is equipped with 2 AA batteries that allow you to manage remote communication for about 6 hours (see situation type).

How much power does the 01942 GSM communicator draw?

The communicator draws 250 mA with a 12-30 VDC power supply, BUS side 10 mA.

How is the 01942 GSM communicator powered?

The communicator can be powered by 12-30 VDC or 12-24 VAC and is equipped with 2 rechargeable NiMH HR3 1.2V (800 mAh) batteries.

Can I differentiate the types of alerts to send to the recipients listed in the 01942 communicator phone book?

Yes, you can associate what kind of message (SMS or voice) each of the 8 phone numbers in the phone book will receive, and the type of information (intrusion, technical, power blackout/power restored).

How are various types of alarm divided with the 01942?

The SMS alarm messages managed by the 01942 communicator are subdivided in 3 groups:"INTRUSION ALARM" (intrusion alarm and tamper alarm)"TECHNICAL ALARM" (up to 8 different technical alarms) and"POWER ALARAM" (mains power outage alert or mains power restored alert).

If the contact number of the 01942 Communicator SIM rings out?

The communicator isn't connecting. Verify signal reception of the communicator. Note: The 01942 communicator, unlike the 01941 communicator, does not have DTMF tone menus with recorded vocal guides. In any case, if it receives a "voice" call, it answers the phone without emitting any sound.

The 01942 GSM communicator does not respond to my messages.

Check the SIM credit and the reception of the communicator. Bear in mind that SMS delivery times are not guaranteed by telephone operators. Even if the SMS should usually only take less than 30 seconds to arrive, there is no guaranteed maximum time for SMS delivery by mobile operators.

I get an error SMS from 01942 after running a remote command.

The text of the SMS message does not comply with the correct syntax of the command: Check the command syntax. Or the communicator may have been incorrectly configured: check the configuration of the device you want to receive the command on the communicator.

The 01942 GSM communicator does not perform all the functions it was set up for.

The configuration of the communicator was not performed correctly. You should remove the device, reset it and repeat the configuration process.

How many technical alarms can be configured in 01942 GSM communicator?

You can configure up to 8 technical alarms linked to SAI zones or home automation groups of the system.

What do I have to do to configure the 01942 GSM communicator in the By-me control unit?

You need to configure the communicator via the BUS button and the control unit menu: Configuration>Communicator Interface Management>Configure. After this operation, you have to remove and restore power to the 01942 GSM communicator and register the device via the menu Configuration>Communicator Interface Management>Interface Authentication. Note: In versions prior to 1.11 the Interface Authentication menu item was called: Telephone Communicator.

Do I have to connect the 01942 GSM communicator to an external antenna?

Yes, the antenna must be attached to the SMB connector of the communicator.

How can I check the signal strength on the 01942 GSM communicator?

By pressing the "GSM" button, the LEDs 1-2-3-4 demonstrate the signal strength.

What should I do with the 01942 if I have a By-me system with multiple control units?

In the case of the multiple control units, the BUS interface of the 01942 must be recognised and authenticated only on the control unit installed on the SAI line. In order to remotely enlist the groups installed on a second control unit (non-authenticated), from this control, it unit may be necessary to manually open the groups in question (from the Configuration > Manage router > Add group menu) on the line coupler installed on the Communicator > Line group. This is highly dependent on the type of installation and configuration of the system. In the case of multiple control units installed on different home automation lines (without SAI), you need to evaluate the most appropriate strategy for the adopted configuration. It is advisable to acquire the interface on the control unit where the majority of groups requiring remote management are configured. The communicator enlisting/configuration procedure does not require any specific additional information. NOTE: The monitor groups must be enabled on both control units.

What functions can I manage with the 01942 communicator on a By-me home automation system?

The 01942 communicator can manage the alarm signals, power blackouts and recovery, management of climatic zones (control and status queries), activation of scenarios, control and status queries of groups (up to 8 groups), diagnostics management on Vimar home automation control units.

How many numbers can I store on the 01942 GSM communicator phone book?

You can store up to 8 numbers.

Can I manage a home automation system consisting of multiple lines and multiple control units with the 01942?

Yes, the communicator can manage up to 8 control units.

Can I use the 01942 communicator to manage a non-Vimar system?

No, the 01942 GSM communicator is dedicated to the Vimar home automation system.

How does the 01942 GSM communicate with the Clima-phone system?

The 01942 GSM communicator can't manage a Clima-phone system.

How does the 01942 GSM communicate with the By-me system?

The communicator interfaces directly with the system.

How do I restore the default settings of the 01942 communicator?

To restore the default settings of 01942 communicator, short the pin (n.8 on the front view of the manual) with a jumper (not supplied) and follow the procedure described in the instruction manual, or use the PC programs: Toolbox and EasyTool.

How do I reset the BUS interface of the 01942 communicator?

To reset the BUS communication interface, go to the control unit menu: Settings>Reset Management>Reset Device, and a message appears "Press the configuration button on the device to be reset." Then press and hold the "BUS" button on the communicator until the red BUS Interface LED turns off.

What is the power consumption of 01942?

12-24 VAC: 250-150 mA12-30 VDC: 200-100 mA

How do I configure the 01942 communicator?

The communicator can be configured via text messaging, or programming interface 01998.S and the program EasyTool Toolbox.

How does the GSM 01941 communicate with the Clima-phone system?

It establishes two-way RF communication with the timer-thermostats via the 01931 two way RF communication interface 01931.

Where is the address of the control unit needed to program the 01941/01942 GSM communicator (SYS ID)?

This information is located in the Diagnostics/Information menu:e.g., Area: 01 Line: 00 ID: 170.

What can I manage remotely via the 01942 GSM communicator?

- Up to 8 climatic zones - up to 8 groups - up to 32 scenarios - Arm/Disarm and query the status of the SAI burglar alarm- Diagnostics.